Definition of Massachusetts

1. Noun. A state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies.

2. Noun. A member of the Algonquian people who formerly lived around Massachusetts Bay.
Exact synonyms: Massachuset
Generic synonyms: Algonquian, Algonquin

3. Noun. One of the British colonies that formed the United States.
Exact synonyms: Massachusetts Bay Colony
Generic synonyms: Colony

4. Noun. The Algonquian language of the Massachuset.
Exact synonyms: Massachuset
Generic synonyms: Algonquian, Algonquian Language, Algonquin

Definition of Massachusetts

1. Proper noun. A (USstate) Capital: Boston. ¹

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Literary usage of Massachusetts

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Manual Train l!s:l-4 S '16 Work of the massachusetts state commissioner of education. School and Soc 3:316-17 F 26 •16 Law Housing in massachusetts towns. ..."

2. Who's who in America by John William Leonard, Albert Nelson Marquis (1906)
"The Posse Gymnasium 206 massachusetts Avenue BOSTON. MASS. POUNDED by the late Baron Nils Posse, K. * GV, and opened February. 1890. ..."

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"massachusetts, Shays rebellion, II. 42- 67; lottery, 524; relig. liberty, 524, 525; punishment for ... massachusetts Colonial Society. See Colonial Society. ..."

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"Explain to me," he says, " the working of your famous massachusetts system." He wishes to know how our teachers are appointed, who examines them, ..."

5. Transactions of the Association of American Physicians by Association of American Physicians (1894)
"I will, therefore, ask your attention to the rise and fall of licensed physicians in massachusetts,-. In the " Records of the Governor and Company of the ..."

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"massachusetts Horticultural Society Library The Library of the massachusetts Horticultural Society is one of the foremost of its kind in the world, ..."

7. The American Revolution by Sir George Otto Trevelyan (1905)
"massachusetts had stood by Boston; and it was soon evident that all the other colonies would stand by massachusetts. The Port Act was carried through the ..."

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