Definition of Mammal family

1. Noun. A family of mammals.

Group relationships: Craniata, Subphylum Craniata, Subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata
Specialized synonyms: Family Tachyglossidae, Tachyglossidae, Family Ornithorhynchidae, Ornithorhynchidae, Didelphidae, Family Didelphidae, Caenolestidae, Family Caenolestidae, Family Peramelidae, Peramelidae, Family Macropodidae, Macropodidae, Potoroinae, Subfamily Potoroinae, Family Phalangeridae, Phalangeridae, Family Vombatidae, Vombatidae, Dasyuridae, Family Dasyuridae, Family Dasyurinae, Family Notoryctidae, Notoryctidae, Family Talpidae, Talpidae, Chrysochloridae, Family Chrysochloridae, Family Soricidae, Soricidae, Erinaceidae, Family Erinaceidae, Family Tenrecidae, Tenrecidae, Family Potamogalidae, Potamogalidae, Balaenidae, Family Balaenidae, Balaenopteridae, Family Balaenopteridae, Eschrichtiidae, Family Eschrichtiidae, Family Physeteridae, Physeteridae, Family Hyperodontidae, Family Ziphiidae, Hyperodontidae, Ziphiidae, Delphinidae, Family Delphinidae, Family Platanistidae, Platanistidae, Family Monodontidae, Monodontidae, Family Trichechidae, Trichechidae, Dugongidae, Family Dugongidae, Family Otariidae, Otariidae, Family Phocidae, Phocidae, Family Odobenidae, Odobenidae, Family Orycteropodidae, Orycteropodidae, Canidae, Family Canidae, Family Hyaenidae, Hyaenidae, Family Felidae, Felidae, Family Ursidae, Ursidae, Family Viverridae, Family Viverrinae, Viverridae, Viverrinae, Family Phyllostomatidae, Family Phyllostomidae, Phyllostomatidae, Phyllostomidae, Family Rhinolophidae, Rhinolophidae, Family Hipposideridae, Hipposideridae, Family Megadermatidae, Megadermatidae, Family Vespertilionidae, Vespertilionidae, Family Molossidae, Molossidae, Desmodontidae, Family Desmodontidae, Family Leporidae, Leporidae, Family Ochotonidae, Ochotonidae, Muroidea, Superfamily Muroidea, Family Muridae, Muridae, Hydromyinae, Subfamily Hydromyinae, Cricetidae, Family Cricetidae, Gerbillinae, Subfamily Gerbillinae, Family Hystricidae, Hystricidae, Erethizontidae, Family Erethizontidae, Family Heteromyidae, Heteromyidae, Family Zapodidae, Zapodidae, Dipodidae, Family Dipodidae, Family Gliridae, Gliridae, Family Geomyidae, Geomyidae, Family Sciuridae, Sciuridae, Petauristidae, Subfamily Petauristidae, Castoridae, Family Castoridae, Aplodontiidae, Family Aplodontiidae, Caviidae, Family Caviidae, Family Hydrochoeridae, Hydrochoeridae, Dasyproctidae, Family Dasyproctidae, Capromyidae, Family Capromyidae, Chinchillidae, Family Chinchillidae, Family Spalacidae, Spalacidae, Bathyergidae, Family Bathyergidae, Family Uintatheriidae, Uintatheriidae, Family Procaviidae, Procaviidae, Equidae, Family Equidae, Family Rhinocerotidae, Rhinoceros Family, Rhinocerotidae, Family Tapiridae, Tapiridae, Family Suidae, Suidae, Family Tayassuidae, Tayassuidae, Family Hippopotamidae, Hippopotamidae, Bovidae, Family Bovidae, Bovinae, Subfamily Bovinae, Antilocapridae, Family Antilocapridae, Cervidae, Family Cervidae, Family Tragulidae, Tragulidae, Camelidae, Family Camelidae, Family Giraffidae, Giraffidae, Family Mustelidae, Mustelidae, Lutrinae, Subfamily Lutrinae, Mephitinae, Subfamily Mephitinae, Melinae, Subfamily Melinae, Dasypodidae, Family Dasypodidae, Bradypodidae, Family Bradypodidae, Family Megalonychidae, Megalonychidae, Family Megatheriidae, Megatheriidae, Family Mylodontidae, Mylodontidae, Family Myrmecophagidae, Myrmecophagidae, Family Manidae, Manidae, Family Hominidae, Hominidae, Family Pongidae, Pongidae, Family Hylobatidae, Hylobatidae, Cercopithecidae, Family Cercopithecidae, Platyrrhini, Superfamily Platyrrhini, Callithricidae, Family Callithricidae, Cebidae, Family Cebidae, Family Tupaiidae, Tupaiidae, Family Lemuridae, Lemuridae, Daubentoniidae, Family Daubentoniidae, Family Lorisidae, Lorisidae, Family Indriidae, Indriidae, Family Tarsiidae, Tarsiidae, Cynocephalidae, Family Cynocephalidae, Elephantidae, Family Elephantidae, Family Mammutidae, Family Mastodontidae, Mammutidae, Family Gomphotheriidae, Gomphotheriidae, Family Procyonidae, Procyonidae, Bassariscidae, Subfamily Bassariscidae, Ailuropodidae, Family Ailuropodidae
Generic synonyms: Family

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Literary usage of Mammal family

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Origin and Evolution of Life: On the Theory of Action, Reaction and by Henry Fairfield Osborn (1917)
"The heredity-chromatin never determines beforehand into what new environment the lot of a mammal family may be cast; this is determined by cosmic and ..."

2. British Mammals: An Attempt to Describe and Illustrate the Mammalian Fauna by Harry Hamilton Johnston (1903)
"... but they are of a dubious nature, and until better evidence is forthcoming the hippopotamus cannot be classed as an Irish mammal. FAMILY: ..."

3. Microcosmus: An Essay Concerning Man and His Relation to the World by Hermann Lotze (1888)
"... the • domestic animals, in longevity by the monsters of the mammal family, and by many beings of a lower order, in agility by his parody, the ape. ..."

4. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation: With a Sequel by Robert Chambers (1860)
"Here the very first mammal family is undoubtedly marine ; and, if it were to receive equal consideration with the ..."

5. A Discourse on the Studies of the University of Cambridge by Adam Sedgwick (1850)
"Here the very first mammal family is undoubtedly marine; and, if it were to receive equal consideration with the ..."

6. The Waters Above the Firmament: Or The Earth's Annular System by Isaac Newton Vail (1902)
"As reptilian forms gave way the ancestral forms of the mammal family (horse, elephant, ox, etc.) began their long and universal control of the earth. ..."

7. Winston's Cumulative ... Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Bookby Charles Morris by Charles Morris (1918)
"... F^OJ mammal, family Cavi- The islands of Fernando Po, Prince's, sometimes regarded as descended from and St. Thomas, are within this gulf. ..."

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