Definition of Makeshift

1. Noun. Something contrived to meet an urgent need or emergency.

Exact synonyms: Make-do, Stopgap
Generic synonyms: Expedient

2. Adjective. Done or made using whatever is available. "The rock served as a makeshift hammer"
Exact synonyms: Improvised, Jury-rigged
Similar to: Impermanent, Temporary

Definition of Makeshift

1. n. That with which one makes shift; a temporary expedient.

Definition of Makeshift

1. Noun. A temporary, usually insubstantial, substitution for something else. ¹

2. Adjective. Made to work or suffice; improvised; substituted. ¹

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Definition of Makeshift

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Makeshift

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Rationale of judicial evidence, specially applied to English practice, from by Jeremy Bentham (1827)
"I.—Impropriety of excluding any kind of makeshift evidence. IT has been seen how various in specie, and how abundant probably in number, are the instances ..."

2. Southern History of the War by Edward Alfred Pollard (1866)
"The Confederation a makeshift of the war.— "State-rights" in the treaty of ... makeshift ..."

3. The Individual and Reality: An Essay Touching the First Principles of by Edward Douglas Fawcett (1909)
"Truth, as expressed in a propositional system, is a makeshift for that ideal ... But it is a makeshift which here and now is, at first and with good results ..."

4. Speeches, Correspondence and Political Papers of Carl Schurz by Carl Schurz (1913)
"It is a makeshift, to be sure, but a good one. It takes the decision of the Presidential question away from the theater of party warfare and refers it to a ..."

5. From Harrison to Harding: A Personal Narrative, Covering a Third of a by Arthur Wallace Dunn (1922)
"... CHAPTER IV REED DEFEATS FREE SILVER Saves Harrison Necessity of a Veto—Mills Leads the Democrats to a Barren Victory—makeshift ..."

6. Life and Public Services of Edwin M. Stanton by George Congdon Gorham (1899)
"A makeshift to avoid Impeachment. — Terms of the Military Reconstruction Act. — Repressive Policy discussed. — Home Rule long since restored. ..."

7. The Works of Jeremy Bentham by Jeremy Bentham, John Bowring (1843)
"OF makeshift EVIDENCE. CHAPTER I. Of makeshift Evidence in General. § 1. makeshift evidence, what, . .118 2. Of the different species of makeshift 3. ..."

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