Definition of Leo x

1. Noun. Son of Lorenzo de'Medici and pope from 1513 to 1521 who excommunicated Martin Luther and who in 1521 bestowed on Henry VIII the title of Defender of the Faith (1475-1521).

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Literary usage of Leo x

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the Popes: Their Church and State by Leopold von Ranke, E. Fowler (1901)
"[The Life of leo x Pontifex Maximus, by Francesco Novello, ... [Certain historical notices pertaining to the pontificates of leo x, Adrian VI, ..."

2. The History of the Popes, from the Close of the Middle Ages: Drawn from the by Ludwig Pastor, Ralph Francis Kerr, Frederick Ignatius Antrobus (1908)
"The support which leo x. gave to men of letters and to scholars turns out, ... The direct results of the literary influence of leo x. were, ..."

3. The Papacy and the Levant (1204-1571). by Kenneth M. Setton (1984)
"leo x AND PLANS FOR A CRUSADE AGAINST SELIM THE GRIM (1517-1521) leo x SEEMS to have found little freedom from anxiety to enjoy the papacy which God had ..."

4. The Cambridge Modern History by Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero (1907)
"Cardinal Giovanni de' Medici came forth from the conclave summoned on March 4, 1513, as Pope leo x. Since Piero had been drowned on the 9th of December, ..."

5. The Era of the Protestant Revolution by Frederic Seebohm (1894)
"leo x. wanted money to help his nephew in a little war he had on hand. To get this money he offered to grant indulgences or pardons at a certain price, ..."

6. The Reformation by George Park Fisher (1906)
"CHARACTER OF leo x. fested much concern. ... Roscoe (Life of leo x., iv. eh. xxiv.) defends him against the imputation of unchastity, ..."

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