Definition of Lentibulariaceae

1. Noun. Carnivorous aquatic or bog plants: genera Utricularia, Pinguicula, and Genlisea.

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Literary usage of Lentibulariaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Organography of Plants, Especially of the Archegoniata and Spermaphyta by Karl Goebel, Isaac Bayley Balfour (1905)
"... Utricularia is of special interest in the general consideration of the formation of organs, and I must now say something about it :— lentibulariaceae. ..."

2. The Natural History of Plants: Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and by Francis Wall Oliver, Anton Kerner von Marilaun, Marian (Balfour) Busk (1895)
"The same phenomena may be observed in flowers of the Bladder-wort (Utricularia), and probably in those of the majority of lentibulariaceae. ..."

3. The Ethics of Revolt by Greville Macdonald (1907)
"... though it will be worth while to give particulars of two or three insectivorous plants belonging to the natural order lentibulariaceae. ..."

4. Bulletin by North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (Fargo) (1899)
"lentibulariaceae. BLADDERWORT FAMILY. UTRICULARIA VULGARIS L. Greater Bladderwort. Hooded Water-milfoil. Pop-weed. An aquatic or floating plant in rivers, ..."

5. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1907)
"... Gesneriaceae, lentibulariaceae, Globulari- aceae and Acanthaceae. The work is largely a review of the literature on the floral ecology of these groups ..."

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