Definition of Late

1. Adjective. Being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time. "Had a late breakfast"

Attributes: Timing
Similar to: Advanced, Ripe, After-hours, Latish, Posthumous
Antonyms: Early, Middle
Derivative terms: Lateness

2. Adverb. Later than usual or than expected. "I belatedly wished her a happy birthday"
Exact synonyms: Belatedly, Tardily
Partainyms: Belated, Tardy
Antonyms: Early

3. Adjective. After the expected or usual time; delayed. "Always tardy in making dental appointments"
Exact synonyms: Belated, Tardy
Similar to: Unpunctual
Derivative terms: Lateness, Tardiness

4. Adverb. To an advanced time. "Talked late into the evening"
Exact synonyms: Deep

5. Adjective. Of the immediate past or just previous to the present time. "A recent issue of the journal"
Exact synonyms: Recent
Similar to: Past
Derivative terms: Lateness, Recency, Recentness

6. Adverb. At an advanced age or stage. "Undertook the project late in her career"

7. Adjective. Having died recently. "Her late husband"
Similar to: Dead

8. Adverb. In the recent past. "The spelling was first affected, but latterly the meaning also"
Exact synonyms: Lately, Latterly, Of Late, Recently
Partainyms: Recent

9. Adjective. Of a later stage in the development of a language or literature; used especially of dead languages. "Late Greek"
Category relationships: Linguistics
Similar to: Modern, New, New
Antonyms: Early, Middle
Derivative terms: Lateness

10. Adjective. At or toward an end or late period or stage of development. "Later medical science could have saved the child"
Exact synonyms: Later
Similar to: Advanced, Tardive
Antonyms: Early
Derivative terms: Lateness

11. Adjective. (used especially of persons) of the immediate past. "The previous occupant of the White House"
Exact synonyms: Former, Previous
Similar to: Past

Definition of Late

1. a. Coming after the time when due, or after the usual or proper time; not early; slow; tardy; long delayed; as, a late spring.

2. adv. After the usual or proper time, or the time appointed; after delay; as, he arrived late; -- opposed to early.

Definition of Late

1. Adjective. Near the end of a period of time. ¹

2. Adjective. Specifically, near the end of the day. ¹

3. Adjective. (usually not used comparatively) Associated with the end of a period. ¹

4. Adjective. Not arriving until after an expected time. ¹

5. Adjective. Not having had an expected menstrual period. ¹

6. Adjective. (not comparable euphemistic) Deceased, dead: (non-gloss definition used particularly when speaking of the dead person's actions while alive.) (Often used with (term the); see usage notes.) ¹

7. Adjective. Recent — relative to the noun it modifies. ¹

8. Noun. (informal) A shift (scheduled work period) that takes place late in the day or at night. ¹

9. Adverb. After a deadline has passed, past a designated time. ¹

10. Noun. (dialectal or obsolete) Manner; behaviour; outward appearance or aspect. ¹

11. Noun. (dialectal or obsolete) A sound; voice. ¹

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Definition of Late

1. coming or occurring after the expected time [adj LATER, LATEST]

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