Definition of Jackson

1. Noun. English film actress who later became a member of British Parliament (born in 1936).

Exact synonyms: Glenda Jackson
Generic synonyms: Actress, Pol, Political Leader, Politician, Politico

2. Noun. United States singer who began singing with his four brothers and later became a highly successful star during the 1980s (born in 1958).

3. Noun. United States singer who did much to popularize gospel music (1911-1972).
Exact synonyms: Mahalia Jackson
Generic synonyms: Singer, Vocaliser, Vocalist, Vocalizer

4. Noun. United States civil rights leader who led a national campaign against racial discrimination and ran for presidential nomination (born in 1941).

5. Noun. United States writer of romantic novels about the unjust treatment of Native Americans (1830-1885).

6. Noun. General in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War whose troops at the first Battle of Bull Run stood like a stone wall (1824-1863).

7. Noun. 7th president of the US; successfully defended New Orleans from the British in 1815; expanded the power of the presidency (1767-1845).

8. Noun. A town in western Wyoming.
Generic synonyms: Town
Group relationships: Equality State, Wy, Wyoming

9. Noun. A town in western Tennessee.
Generic synonyms: Town
Group relationships: Tennessee, Tn, Volunteer State

10. Noun. Capital of the state of Mississippi on the Pearl River.
Exact synonyms: Capital Of Mississippi
Generic synonyms: State Capital
Group relationships: Magnolia State, Mississippi, Ms

11. Noun. A town in south central Michigan.
Generic synonyms: Town
Group relationships: Great Lakes State, Mi, Michigan, Wolverine State

Definition of Jackson

1. Proper noun. (surname British patronymic from=given names) ¹

2. Proper noun. (surnames male given name) transferred from the surname. ¹

3. Proper noun. Andrew Jackson, President of the United States (1829-1837). ¹

4. Proper noun. Michael Jackson, singer and entertainer (1958-2009). ¹

5. Proper noun. The capital of Mississippi. ¹

6. Proper noun. (US) A w:United States twenty-dollar bill 20-dollar banknote ¹

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Literary usage of Jackson

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"jackson married in 1838 Mary Anne Frith, daughter of Henry Browell of Kentish Town ... About 17:26 jackson went to Paris, where he was employed on engraving ..."

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4. A History of the United States by Edward Channing (1921)
"ANDREW jackson of Tennessee was inaugurated President of the United States on March ... This variety of opinion was more than usually marked as to jackson. ..."

5. Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant by Ulysses Simpson Grant (1885)
"I decided at once to turn the whole column towards jackson and capture that ... A force was also collecting on my right, at jackson, the point where all the ..."

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