Definition of Inferior pulmonary vein

1. Noun. Either of two pulmonary veins (left and right) returning blood from the inferior lobes of the lungs.

Exact synonyms: Vena Pulmanalis Inferior
Generic synonyms: Pulmonary Vein, Vena Pulmonalis

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Literary usage of Inferior pulmonary vein

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Reference handbook of the medical sciences embracing the entire range of by Albert Henry Buck (1904)
"Hyrtl reports a case in which there was a communication between a rudimentary left cava and the left inferior pulmonary vein. ..."

2. Atlas and textbook of topographic and applied anatomy by Oskar Max Sigismund Schultze, George David Stewart (1905)
"Bronchi Orifice of right superior pulmonary vein Orifice of left superior pulmonary vein Orifice of left inferior pulmonary vein Orifice of right inferior ..."

3. Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy by Daniel John Cunningham, Arthur Robinson (1914)
"... is bounded to the right and below by the upper end of the inferior vena cava, and to the left and above by the left inferior pulmonary vein (Fig. 24). ..."

4. A Practical Physiology: A Text-book for Higher Schools by Albert Franklin Blaisdell (1899)
"... division of right bronchus to lower lobe; M, right inferior pulmonary vein ; N, right superior pulmonary vein ; O, right branch of the pulmonary artery; ..."

5. Life and Health: A Text-book on Physiology for High Schools, Academies and by Albert Franklin Blaisdell (1902)
"... left inferior pulmonary vein; f, left auricle; JC, inferior vena cava ; L, division of right bronchus to lower lobe; M, right inferior pulmonary vein; ..."

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