Definition of In stages

1. Adverb. A little bit at a time. "The research structure has developed piecemeal"

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Literary usage of In stages

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Lesson in Appreciation: An Essay on the Pedagogics of Beauty by Frank Herbert Hayward (1915)
"... STAGES Dangers in " stages." -That there are dangers in laying much stress on " stages " or " steps " in the learning process can hardly be doubted. ..."

2. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1890)
"in stages A and B the only cranial rudiments present are the ... in stages E and F the pituitary fossa is pierced by three apertures in longitudinal ..."

3. The Yoga-system of Patañjali: Or, The Ancient Hindu Doctrine of by Patañjali, Vyāsa, Vācaspatimiśra (1914)
"The Self beholding this seven-fold insight advancing in stages to the ... For him [there is] insight seven-fold and advancing in stages to the highest. ..."

4. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1908)
"in stages 2-7 the cerebral and buccal ganglia are represented in dotted outlines; in stages 1 and 8 they are stippled, as are the other primordia. found an ..."

5. Outlines of General Chemistry by Wilhelm Ostwald (1912)
"... in Stages.—When a dibasic acid first undergoes dissociation the products are not the bivalent anion and hydrion, but the univalent anion RH- and hydrion ..."

6. Adaptive Designs: Selected Proceedings of a 1992 Joint Ams-Ims-Siam Summer by Nancy Flournoy, William F. Rosenberger, American Mathematical Society, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1995)
"... TRIALS in stages BY YI CHENG AND DONALD A. BERRY* Northwestern University and Duke University Abstract Consider designing a clinical trial in stages; ..."

7. A Description of Texas: Its Advantages and Resources, with Some Account of by Oran Milo Roberts (1881)
"Travel on horseback, in stages, and in private carriages and buggies,—rough roads. Railroads—their extent and sudden construction, their great and varied ..."

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