Definition of Groupage

1. Noun. The consolidation of several small shipments into a single container ¹

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Definition of Groupage

1. collection of objects into groups [n -S]

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Literary usage of Groupage

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings (1901)
"Then they tried allowing groupage to a sufficient extent to favour the interest of ... THE PRESIDENT observed that, even in international traffic, groupage ..."

2. Report of the Hundred and Fourth Round Table on Transport Economics Held in by ECMT Staff, (Paris) European Conference of Ministers, Economic Research Centre (1997)
"LONG LEAD TIME • Heterogeneous markets an economic necessity for consolidation of flows -> groupage in (inter) national distribution centres (->TypeD ..."

3. Cadwalader's Cases: Being Decisions of the Hon. John Cadwalader, Judge of by John Cadwalader, Theodore McFadden (1907)
"What is called in England the packing of parcels, and in France groupage a convert, must be distinguished from the case of loose or unpacked parcels, ..."

4. Fundamental Sources of Efficiency by Fletcher Durell (1914)
"... holds a subordinate and superficial place in the general scheme of groupage. A few additional words may also be said in regard to the category of cause. ..."

5. Fundamental Sources of Efficiency by Fletcher Durell (1914)
"Thus in educational work those studies, as a rule will be most valuable which give the greatest surplusage and groupage, or the greatest groupage powers. ..."

6. Treatises in an Interstate Commerce and Railway Traffic Course by La Salle Extension University (1915)
"PACKING AND groupage SLIP. PITT & SCOTT, Ltd. STEAMER. NEW YORK. ... Packing and groupage Slip by Means of Which the Forwarding Agent Keeps Track of Each ..."

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