Definition of Greybeard

1. Noun. A man who is very old.

2. Noun. A stoneware drinking jug with a long neck; decorated with a caricature of Cardinal Bellarmine (17th century).
Exact synonyms: Bellarmine, Long-beard, Longbeard
Generic synonyms: Jug

Definition of Greybeard

1. Noun. An old man. ¹

2. Noun. Metaphorically, the members of a group who have been there the longest (regardless of actual age or gender.) ¹

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Literary usage of Greybeard

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Nature-study for Teachers and Parents: Based on the Cornell by Anna Botsford Comstock (1911)
"... OR GRANDFATHER greybeard Teacher's Story WONDER if there ever was a country child who has not grasped firmly the leg of one of these little sprawling ..."

2. Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes (1884)
"ANY Londoner purposing to visit my old friend greybeard will find that to reach him in his home is almost as difficult a task as that set seekers for the ..."

3. Teutonic mythology by Jacob Grimm, James Steven Stallybrass (1882)
"... so that there are always some young and some old gods; in particular, Odinn or Wuotan is pictured everywhere as an old greybeard (conf. the old god, p. ..."

4. The Later Cave-men by Katharine Elizabeth Dopp (1906)
"What the Cave-men did for Flaker Fleetfoot ran ahead of greybeard and found ... greybeard shook his head as he bent down and laid his hands upon the boy. ..."

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