Definition of Give-and-go

1. Noun. A basketball maneuver; one offensive player passes the ball to another, then runs toward the basket to take a return pass.

Generic synonyms: Basketball Play

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Literary usage of Give-and-go

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ada Beeson Farmer: A Missionary Heroine of Kuang Si, South China by Wilmoth Alexander Farmer (1912)
"Before "give" and "go" comes prayer; really, it is through prayer that "give" and "go" are brought about. The speedy evangelization of the world and the ..."

2. A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin: Presenting the Original Facts and Documents Upon by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1853)
"... "They like to have their weddings elegantly celebrated, and to have a good deal of notice taken of their funerals, and to give' and go to parties ..."

3. Intimate China: The Chinese as I Have Seen Them by Archibald Little (1899)
"They smoke and gossip, give and go to dinner parties, and one of their great delights is to go on pilgrimages to distant shrines. It is sometimes stipulated ..."

4. Baptist Missionary Magazine by American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (1905)
"... and is expected to pray and know, to give and go — if not in person, then by proxy — contributing not only for the support of the church, locally, ..."

5. The Gospel in All Lands by Missionary Society, Methodist Episcopal Church (1888)
"Do we wonder that Christian women are eager to give and go, when help is so eagerly sought ? If the nations are ever reached for Christ, it will be by the ..."

6. The Friends' Library: Comprising Journals, Doctrinal Treatises, & Other by William Evans, Thomas Evans, Edith R. Hall (1842)
"... for then it would have been necessary that man should pay them ; but Christ says, 'Freely ye have received, freely give ; and go forth,' &c. ..."

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