Definition of Gettysburg

1. Noun. A small town in southern Pennsylvania; site of a national cemetery.

Generic synonyms: Town
Group relationships: Keystone State, Pa, Pennsylvania

2. Noun. A battle of the American Civil War (1863); the defeat of Robert E. Lee's invading Confederate Army was a major victory for the Union.
Exact synonyms: Battle Of Gettysburg
Generic synonyms: Pitched Battle
Group relationships: American Civil War, United States Civil War, War Between The States
Geographical relationships: Keystone State, Pa, Pennsylvania

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Literary usage of Gettysburg

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature by H.W. Wilson Company (1913)
"gettysburg fifty years afterward. HF Sherwood. Outlook. ... Through blood and flre at gettysburg. JL Chamberlain. 11. Hearst's M. 23: 894-909. Je. '13. ..."

2. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"Buford, with two brigades of cavalry, was in advance at gettysburg; Reynolds' First corps on Marsh Creek, five miles southwest of gettysburg; Sickles' Third ..."

3. The Cambridge Modern History by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton Acton, Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero, Ernest Alfred Benians, Stanley Mordaunt Leathes (1907)
"But on that morning the advance guards of the two armies, moving at right angles to each other, had already met and engaged in conflict at gettysburg, ..."

4. The World's Best Orations: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time by David Josiah Brewer, Edward Archibald Allen, William Schuyler (1899)
"He was a chief of squadron in the gettysburg campaign and served in Virginia ... The address on the Battle of gettysburg is generally given as his ..."

5. Diary of Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy Under Lincoln and Johnson by Gideon Welles (1911)
"X First Reports of the Battle of gettysburg — Stanion accused by McClellan of sacrificing the Army — FP Blair on Stanton's Early Secessionist Sympathies ..."

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