Definition of Freeze

1. Noun. The withdrawal of heat to change something from a liquid to a solid.

2. Verb. Stop moving or become immobilized. "When he saw the police car he froze"
Exact synonyms: Stop Dead
Specialized synonyms: Fixate, Settle On
Generic synonyms: Stand Still

3. Noun. Weather cold enough to cause freezing.
Exact synonyms: Frost
Generic synonyms: Cold Weather
Derivative terms: Frost, Frosty

4. Verb. Change to ice. "The water freezes "; "The water in the bowl froze"
Generic synonyms: Change State, Turn
Specialized synonyms: Glaciate
Entails: Solidify
Related verbs: Freeze Down, Freeze Out
Antonyms: Boil
Derivative terms: Freezing

5. Noun. An interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement. "A nuclear freeze"
Exact synonyms: Halt
Generic synonyms: Pause
Derivative terms: Halt, Halt, Halt

6. Verb. Be cold. "I could freeze to death in this office when the air conditioning is turned on"
Generic synonyms: Suffer

7. Noun. Fixing (of prices or wages etc) at a particular level. "A freeze on hiring"
Generic synonyms: Limitation, Restriction
Specialized synonyms: Hiring Freeze, Price Freeze, Wage Freeze

8. Verb. Cause to freeze. "The chefs freeze the vegetables"; "Freeze the leftover food"
Generic synonyms: Alter, Change, Modify
Specialized synonyms: Deep Freeze, Ice, Flash-freeze, Quick-freeze
Derivative terms: Freezer, Freezing

9. Verb. Stop a process or a habit by imposing a freeze on it. "Suspend the aid to the war-torn country"
Exact synonyms: Suspend
Generic synonyms: Break, Interrupt
Derivative terms: Suspension, Suspension, Suspension

10. Verb. Be very cold, below the freezing point. "It was freezeing all day long "; "It is freezing in Kalamazoo"
Derivative terms: Freezing

11. Verb. Change from a liquid to a solid when cold. "Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit"
Exact synonyms: Freeze Down, Freeze Out
Category relationships: Natural Philosophy, Physics
Generic synonyms: Solidify
Derivative terms: Freezing

12. Verb. Prohibit the conversion or use of (assets). "They freeze the money "; "Freeze the assets of this hostile government"
Exact synonyms: Block, Immobilise, Immobilize
Generic synonyms: Keep Back, Withhold
Antonyms: Unblock, Unfreeze

13. Verb. Anesthetize by cold.

14. Verb. Suddenly behave coldly and formally. "She froze when she saw her ex-husband"
Generic synonyms: Act, Behave, Do

Definition of Freeze

1. n. A frieze.

2. v. i. To become congealed by cold; to be changed from a liquid to a solid state by the abstraction of heat; to be hardened into ice or a like solid body.

3. v. t. To congeal; to harden into ice; to convert from a fluid to a solid form by cold, or abstraction of heat.

4. n. The act of congealing, or the state of being congealed.

Definition of Freeze

1. Noun. A period of intensely cold weather. ¹

2. Noun. (curling) A precise draw weight shot where a delivered stone comes to a stand-still against a stationary stone, making it nearly impossible to knock out. ¹

3. Noun. A halt of a regular operation. ¹

4. Noun. (context: specifically in finance) A block on pay rises. ¹

5. Verb. (intransitive) Especially of a liquid, to become solid due to low temperature. ¹

6. Verb. (transitive) To lower something's temperature to the point that it freezes or becomes hard. ¹

7. Verb. (intransitive) To drop to a temperature below zero degrees celsius, where water turns to ice. ¹

8. Verb. (intransitive informal) To be affected by extreme cold. ¹

9. Verb. (intransitive) To become motionless. ¹

10. Verb. (figuratively) To lose or cause to lose warmth of feeling; to shut out; to ostracize. ¹

11. Verb. (transitive) To prevent the movement or liquidation of a person's financial assets ¹

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Definition of Freeze

1. to become hardened into a solid body by loss of heat [v FROZE, FROZEN, FREEZING, FREEZES]

Medical Definition of Freeze

1. 1. To become congealed by cold; to be changed from a liquid to a solid state by the abstraction of heat; to be hardened into ice or a like solid body. Water freezes at 32 deg above zero by Fahrenheit's thermometer; mercury freezes at 40 deg below zero. 2. To become chilled with cold, or as with cold; to suffer loss of animation or life by lack of heat; as, the blood freezes in the veins. To freeze up ( Origin: OE. Fresen, freosen, AS. Freosan; akin to D. Vriezen, OHG. Iosan, G. Frieren, Icel. Frjsa, Sw. Frysa, Dan. Fryse, Goth. Frius cold, frost, and prob. To L. Prurire to itch, E. Prurient, cf. L. Prna a burning coal, pruina hoarfrost, Skr. Prushva ice, prush to spirt. 18. Cf. Frost. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Freeze

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Glossary: Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to by Robert Nares, James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, Thomas Wright (1901)
"... freeze crosse, winch is still le*< intelligible than the other forms. UPSPRING, *. An upstart; one insolent from sudden elevation. ..."

2. America on the Ice: Antarctic Policy Issues by Frank G. Klotz (1998)
"The following summer, the US Navy—responsible for Antarctic logistics during the American IGY program—conducted its first Operation Deep freeze. ..."

3. Improving Planting Stock Quality: The Humboldt Experience by James L. Jenkinson (1995)
"Clients therefore asked whether Humboldt Nursery might use freeze storage ... Seedlings destined for spring planting were thus freeze-stored safely 3 to 4 ..."

4. Dr. Chase's Recipes: Or, Information for Everybody; an Invaluable Collection by A W Chase, William Wesley Cook (1920)
"Place in the freezer and freeze. When hard remove the paddle from the freezer; ... Churn 3 minutes and freeze. Bisque.—To 1 gal. of very rich boiled custard ..."

5. The Indian Sign Language: With Brief Explanatory Notes of the Gestures by William Philo Clark (1884)
"freeze. Make sign for COLD, and then add explanatory signs: if of water, that ice is forming ; if of ... freeze Over. Conception: Ice closing over a stream ..."

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