Definition of Florentine iris

1. Noun. German iris having large white flowers with lavender-tinged falls and a fragrant rhizome.

Exact synonyms: Iris Florentina, Iris Germanica Florentina, Orris
Generic synonyms: Bearded Iris
Member holonyms: Orris, Orrisroot

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Literary usage of Florentine iris

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Universal Receipt Book: Being a Compendious Repository of Practical by Priscilla Homespun (1818)
"... three drams each of white poppy seeds, florentine iris, liquorice, and powdered gum tragacanth, pound together the poppy seeds, iris, and liquorice, ..."

2. The American Botanist edited by Willard Nelson Clute (1911)
"... a European plant naturalized in many moist places in America, has golden yellow flowers, those of the florentine iris (Iris Florentina) are milk white, ..."

3. The Small Place: Its Landscape Architecture by Elsa Rehmann (1918)
"First, there is a big show of florentine iris that makes a solid mass four ... The florentine iris begin to bloom while the Darwin Tulips are still out. ..."

4. Medical Botany; Or, Illustrations and Descriptions of the Medicinal Plants John Stephenson, James Morss Churchill, Gilbert Thomas Burnett by John Stephenson, James Morss Churchill, Gilbert Thomas Burnett (1834)
"The florentine iris has a thick tuberous creeping stem, usually called its root; externally it is brown, yellowish white within, and sends out numerous ..."

5. Gardens Near the Sea: The Making and Care of Gardens on Or Near the Coast by Alice Lounsberry (1910)
"So beguiled, I wandered through the Mussulmans' burial place from early noon until dusk, but saw no trace of the florentine iris. Other varieties were there ..."

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