Definition of Fish family

1. Noun. Any of various families of fish.

Specialized synonyms: Cobitidae, Family Cobitidae, Cyprinidae, Family Cyprinidae, Electrophoridae, Family Electrophoridae, Catostomidae, Family Catostomidae, Cyprinodontidae, Family Cyprinodontidae, Family Poeciliidae, Poeciliidae, Family Holocentridae, Holocentridae, Anomalopidae, Family Anomalopidae, Family Zeidae, Zeidae, Caproidae, Family Caproidae, Family Fistulariidae, Fistulariidae, Family Gasterosteidae, Gasterosteidae, Family Syngnathidae, Syngnathidae, Family Macrorhamphosidae, Macrorhamphosidae, Centriscidae, Family Centriscidae, Aulostomidae, Family Aulostomidae, Family Petromyzontidae, Petromyzontidae, Family Myxinidae, Myxinidae, Chimaeridae, Family Chimaeridae, Family Hexanchidae, Hexanchidae, Family Lamnidae, Lamnidae, Family Isuridae, Isuridae, Cetorhinidae, Family Cetorhinidae, Alopiidae, Family Alopiidae, Family Orectolobidae, Orectolobidae, Carchariidae, Family Carchariidae, Family Odontaspididae, Odontaspididae, Family Rhincodontidae, Rhincodontidae, Family Scyliorhinidae, Scyliorhinidae, Carcharhinidae, Family Carcharhinidae, Family Triakidae, Triakidae, Family Squalidae, Squalidae, Family Sphyrnidae, Sphyrnidae, Family Squatinidae, Squatinidae, Family Torpedinidae, Torpedinidae, Family Pristidae, Pristidae, Family Rhinobatidae, Rhinobatidae, Dasyatidae, Family Dasyatidae, Family Myliobatidae, Myliobatidae, Family Mobulidae, Mobulidae, Family Rajidae, Rajidae, Family Latimeridae, Latimeridae, Ceratodontidae, Family Ceratodontidae, Family Siluridae, Siluridae, Ameiuridae, Family Ameiuridae, Family Laricariidae, Laricariidae, Ariidae, Family Ariidae, Family Gadidae, Gadidae, Family Macrouridae, Family Macruridae, Macrouridae, Macruridae, Anguillidae, Family Anguillidae, Family Muraenidae, Muraenidae, Congridae, Family Congridae, Family Gonorhynchidae, Gonorhynchidae, Clupeidae, Family Clupeidae, Engraulidae, Family Engraulidae, Family Salmonidae, Salmonidae, Coregonidae, Family Coregonidae, Family Osmeridae, Osmeridae, Elopidae, Family Elopidae, Albulidae, Family Albulidae, Argentinidae, Family Argentinidae, Family Myctophidae, Myctophidae, Family Synodontidae, Synodontidae, Chlorophthalmidae, Family Chlorophthalmidae, Family Osteoglossidae, Osteoglossidae, Family Lampridae, Lampridae, Family Trachipteridae, Trachipteridae, Family Regalecidae, Regalecidae, Family Ogcocephalidae, Ogcocephalidae, Family Lophiidae, Lophiidae, Batrachoididae, Family Batrachoididae, Antennariidae, Family Antennariidae, Belonidae, Family Belonidae, Exocoetidae, Family Exocoetidae, Family Hemiramphidae, Hemiramphidae, Family Scomberesocidae, Family Scombresocidae, Scomberesocidae, Scombresocidae, Family Ophiodontidae, Ophiodontidae, Anabantidae, Family Anabantidae, Family Percidae, Percidae, Family Trichodontidae, Trichodontidae, Family Ophidiidae, Ophidiidae, Brotulidae, Family Brotulidae, Carapidae, Family Carapidae, Centropomidae, Family Centropomidae, Esocidae, Family Esocidae, Centrarchidae, Family Centrarchidae, Family Serranidae, Serranidae, Embiotocidae, Family Embiotocidae, Family Priacanthidae, Priacanthidae, Apogonidae, Family Apogonidae, Family Malacanthidae, Malacanthidae, Family Pomatomidae, Pomatomidae, Family Rachycentridae, Rachycentridae, Echeneididae, Family Echeneidae, Family Echeneididae, Carangidae, Family Carangidae, Coryphaenidae, Family Coryphaenidae, Bramidae, Family Bramidae, Branchiostegidae, Family Branchiostegidae, Characidae, Family Characidae, Characinidae, Family Characinidae, Cichlidae, Family Cichlidae, Family Lutjanidae, Lutjanidae, Family Haemulidae, Haemulidae, Family Sparidae, Sparidae, Family Sciaenidae, Sciaenidae, Family Mullidae, Mullidae, Family Mugilidae, Mugilidae, Atherinidae, Family Atherinidae, Family Sphyraenidae, Sphyraenidae, Family Pempheridae, Pempheridae, Family Kyphosidae, Kyphosidae, Ephippidae, Family Ephippidae, Chaetodontidae, Family Chaetodontidae, Family Pomacentridae, Pomacentridae, Family Labridae, Labridae, Family Scaridae, Scaridae, Family Polynemidae, Polynemidae, Family Opisthognathidae, Opisthognathidae, Family Uranoscopidae, Uranoscopidae, Dactyloscopidae, Family Dactyloscopidae, Blenniidae, Family Blenniidae, Clinidae, Family Clinidae, Family Pholidae, Family Pholididae, Pholidae, Family Stichaeidae, Stichaeidae, Anarhichadidae, Family Anarhichadidae, Family Zoarcidae, Zoarcidae, Ammodytidae, Family Ammodytidae, Callionymidae, Family Callionymidae, Family Gobiidae, Gobiidae, Eleotridae, Family Eleotridae, Family Percophidae, Percophidae, Family Toxotidae, Toxotidae, Family Microdesmidae, Microdesmidae, Acanthuridae, Family Acanthuridae, Family Gempylidae, Gempylidae, Family Trichiuridae, Trichiuridae, Family Scombridae, Scombridae, Family Kasuwonidae, Katsuwonidae, Family Xiphiidae, Xiphiidae, Family Istiophoridae, Istiophoridae, Family Luvaridae, Luvaridae, Family Stromateidae, Stromateidae, Family Gobiesocidae, Gobiesocidae, Family Lobotidae, Lobotidae, Family Gerreidae, Family Gerridae, Gerreidae, Gerridae, Family Sillaginidae, Sillaginidae, Amiidae, Family Amiidae, Family Polyodontidae, Polyodontidae, Acipenseridae, Family Acipenseridae, Family Lepisosteidae, Lepisosteidae, Family Scorpaenidae, Scorpaenidae, Cottidae, Family Cottidae, Cyclopteridae, Family Cyclopteridae, Family Liparidae, Family Liparididae, Liparidae, Liparididae, Agonidae, Family Agonidae, Family Hexagrammidae, Hexagrammidae, Family Platycephalidae, Platycephalidae, Family Triglidae, Triglidae, Subfamily Triglinae, Triglinae, Peristediinae, Subfamily Peristediinae, Dactylopteridae, Family Dactylopteridae, Balistidae, Family Balistidae, Family Monocanthidae, Monocanthidae, Family Ostraciidae, Family Ostraciontidae, Ostraciidae, Family Tetraodontidae, Tetraodontidae, Diodontidae, Family Diodontidae, Family Molidae, Molidae, Family Pleuronectidae, Pleuronectidae, Bothidae, Family Bothidae, Cynoglossidae, Family Cynoglossidae, Family Soleidae, Soleidae
Group relationships: Craniata, Subphylum Craniata, Subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata
Generic synonyms: Family

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Literary usage of Fish family

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, Connecticut, from by Richard Anson Wheeler (1900)
"THOMAS fish family. i. REV. JOSEPH FISH, son of Thomas Fish of Duxbury, Mass., b. Jan. 28, 1705, was a graduate of Harvard College in 1728. ..."

2. The Natural History of Secession; Or, Despotism and Democracy at Necessary by Thomas Shepard Goodwin (1865)
"... OR BLIND-fish family. — This Family contains the Blind-Fish, ... OR CAT-FISH FAMILY. — This Family is readily distinguished from all other abdominal ..."

3. Natural History: A Manual of Zoology for Schools, Colleges, and the General by Sanborn Tenney (1872)
"HYPS^ID^E, OR BLIND-fish family.—This Family contains the Blind-Fish, ... OR CAT-fish family. — This Family is readily distinguished from all other ..."

4. Genealogical and Family History of Western New York: A Record of the by William Richard Cutter (1912)
"It is believed that he was a son of one of the fish family of Providence, Rhode Island, and descendant of one of the early settlers of whom there were many ..."

5. The Natural Wealth of California: Comprising Early History; Geography by Titus Fey Cronise (1868)
"E—FLAT-fish family. These strangely shaped, though common and favorite fish, have the body twisted around and flattened so as to bring both eyes on one side ..."

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