Definition of Fern genus

1. Noun. Genera of ferns and fern allies.

Generic synonyms: Genus
Group relationships: Division Pteridophyta, Pteridophyta
Specialized synonyms: Genus Pecopteris, Genus Hymenophyllum, Hymenophyllum, Genus Trichomanes, Trichomanes, Genus Osmunda, Genus Leptopteris, Leptopteris, Genus Todea, Todea, Genus Schizaea, Schizaea, Anemia, Genus Anemia, Genus Lygodium, Lygodium, Genus Mohria, Mohria, Genus Marsilea, Marsilea, Genus Pilularia, Pilularia, Genus Regnellidium, Genus Salvinia, Salvinia, Azolla, Genus Azolla, Genus Ophioglossum, Ophioglossum, Botrychium, Genus Botrychium, Genus Helminthostachys, Helminthostachys, Genus Gleichenia, Gleichenia, Dicranopteris, Genus Dicranopteris, Diplopterygium, Genus Diplopterygium, Genus Sticherus, Sticherus, Ceratopteris, Genus Ceratopteris, Genus Polypodium, Polypodium, Aglaomorpha, Genus Aglaomorpha, Campyloneurum, Genus Campyloneurum, Drymoglossum, Genus Drymoglossum, Drynaria, Genus Drynaria, Genus Lecanopteris, Genus Microgramma, Microgramma, Genus Microsorium, Microsorium, Genus Phlebodium, Phlebodium, Genus Platycerium, Platycerium, Genus Pyrrosia, Pyrrosia, Genus Solanopteris, Solanopteris, Cyclophorus, Genus Cyclophorus, Genus Vittaria, Vittaria, Asplenium, Genus Asplenium, Camptosorus, Genus Camptosorus, Ceterach, Genus Ceterach, Genus Pleurosorus, Pleurosorus, Genus Schaffneria, Schaffneria, Genus Phyllitis, Genus Scolopendrium, Phyllitis, Blechnum, Genus Blechnum, Doodia, Genus Doodia, Genus Sadleria, Sadleria, Genus Stenochlaena, Stenochlaena, Genus Woodwardia, Woodwardia, Cyathea, Genus Cyathea, Genus Davallia, Dennstaedtia, Genus Dennstaedtia, Genus Pteridium, Pteridium, Dicksonia, Genus Dicksonia, Cibotium, Genus Cibotium, Culcita, Genus Culcita, Genus Thyrsopteris, Dryopteris, Genus Dryopteris, Athyrium, Genus Athyrium, Cyrtomium, Genus Cyrtomium, Cystopteris, Genus Cystopteris, Deparia, Genus Deparia, Diacalpa, Genus Diacalpa, Genus Gymnocarpium, Gymnocarpium, Genus Lastreopsis, Lastreopsis, Genus Matteuccia, Genus Pteretis, Matteuccia, Pteretis, Genus Olfersia, Olfersia, Genus Onoclea, Onoclea, Genus Polybotria, Genus Polybotrya, Polybotria, Polybotrya, Genus Polystichum, Polystichum, Genus Rumohra, Rumohra, Genus Tectaria, Tectaria, Genus Woodsia, Bolbitis, Genus Bolbitis, Genus Lomogramma, Lomogramma, Genus Lophosoria, Lophosoria, Genus Loxoma, Loxoma, Genus Oleandra, Oleandra, Arthropteris, Genus Arthropteris, Genus Nephrolepis, Nephrolepis, Acrostichum, Genus Acrostichum, Actiniopteris, Genus Actiniopteris, Adiantum, Genus Adiantum, Anogramma, Genus Anogramma, Cheilanthes, Genus Cheilanthes, Coniogramme, Genus Coniogramme, Cryptogramma, Genus Cryptogramma, Doryopteris, Genus Doryopteris, Genus Jamesonia, Jamesonia, Genus Onychium, Onychium, Genus Pellaea, Pellaea, Genus Pityrogramma, Pityrogramma, Genus Pteris, Pteris, Genus Marattia, Marattia, Genus Angiopteris, Danaea, Genus Danaea, Genus Psilotum, Psilotum, Genus Psilophyton, Genus Rhynia, Rhynia, Genus Horneophyton, Horneophyton, Equisetum, Genus Equisetum, Genus Lycopodium, Lycopodium, Genus Selaginella, Selaginella, Genus Isoetes, Isoetes, Genus Thelypteris, Thelypteris, Amauropelta, Genus Amauropelta, Genus Christella, Cyclosorus, Genus Cyclosorus, Genus Goniopteris, Goniopteris, Genus Macrothelypteris, Macrothelypteris, Genus Meniscium, Meniscium, Genus Oreopteris, Oreopteris, Genus Parathelypteris, Parathelypteris, Genus Phegopteris, Phegopteris

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Literary usage of Fern genus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Botanical Gazette by University of Chicago, JSTOR (Organization) (1907)
"1907), in presenting the ferns of his Costa Rican Flora, describes 17 new species; and also (idem 275, 276) describes a new fern genus ..."

2. Our Ferns in Their Haunts: A Guide to All the Native Species by Willard Nelson Clute (1901)
"Phegopteris is also very closely allied to the wood fern genus, differing principally in the lack of an indusium. In habit, also, the species are much like ..."

3. The New International Encyclopædia edited by Daniel Coit Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby (1903)
"... found in the Devonian rocks of Europe. It is also known in the coal-measure flora of Carboniferous time, and in the Eocene flora. The fossil fern genus ..."

4. Historia Filicum: An Exposition of the Nature, Number and Organography of by John Smith (1875)
"Upon such data, setting aside habit, the Tree-fern genus, Alsophila, B. Br., might be correctly referred to Polypodium. The same applies to Aspidium and ..."

5. Report of the Geological Survey of Natal and Zululand: First-third and Final by Natal (South Africa). Geological Survey, Natal (South Africa), Natal Surveyor-general's Department, Geological survey (1904)
"... New South Wales bears a close resemblance to the African species, but in this case also there is not sufficient reason for the choice of a fern genus. ..."

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