Definition of Family fringillidae

1. Noun. Finches: goldfinches; bullfinches; chaffinches; siskins; canaries; cardinals; grosbeaks; crossbills; linnets; buntings.

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Literary usage of Family fringillidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Birds of Maine: With Key to and Description of the Various Species Known by Ora Willis Knight (1908)
"family fringillidae. Sparrows, Finches and Grosbeaks. c*. Nostrils not concealed by feathers, rounded at front, without overhanging membrane; ..."

2. Birdcraft: A Field Book of Two Hundred Song, Game, and Water Birds by Mabel Osgood Wright (1907)
"Bill short, the long, pointed wings exceeding the tail in length. family fringillidae: Finches, Sparrows, etc. Page 133. 28 Species. ..."

3. Introduction to Zoology: A Guide to the Study of Animals ; for the Use of by Charles Benedict Davenport, Gertrude Anna Crotty Davenport (1902)
"The English sparrow belongs to the family Fringillidae, which includes sparrows and finches. This is a large FIG. 264. ..."

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