Definition of Family canidae

1. Noun. Dogs; wolves; jackals; foxes.

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Literary usage of Family canidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Natural History: A Manual of Zoology for Schools, Colleges, and the General by Sanborn Tenney (1872)
"... or Hyena Family, Canidae or Dog Family, Viverridae or Civet Family, Mustelidae or Weasel Family, Ursidae or Bear Family, and the Phocidae or Seal Family ..."

2. The Mammals of Colorado: An Account of the Several Species Found Within the by Edward Royal Warren (1910)
"... PAGE Family Procyonidae . . . . .218 Key of the Genera of Procyonidae . .218 Family Ursidae . . . . . 222 family canidae ..... 233 Key of the Genera of ..."

3. The Life of Animals: The Mammals by Ernest Ingersoll (1907)
"The Dog Tribe, — Canidae In taking up the dogs and their kin of the family Canidae, we study the oldest and most central stock of the Carnivora, ..."

4. Outlines of Zoology by John Arthur Thomson, Marion Isabel Newbigin (1906)
"family canidae—including forms intermediate between the cats and the bears. The dentition is more generalised than in the ..."

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