Definition of Family business

1. Noun. A corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family.

Definition of Family business

1. Noun. A business whose owners are all members of the same family. ¹

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Literary usage of Family business

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. From the Household to the Factory: Sex Discrimination in the Guatemalan by Judith Sunderland (2002)
"They affiliated her with IGSS through the family business in ... In order to do so, the family placed Gonzalez on the family business payroll, ..."

2. Crèche Barriers: How Britain Can Grow Its Childcare Industry by Helen Wilkinson (2002)
"‘family business' is like no other, and the childcare industry has specific qualities which make it radically different from other sectors. ..."

3. Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal : an Annotated Topical Bibliography by Steven C. Kettler (1993)
"70264 CSS Harris, Gregg, The Home and family business Workshop: A Complete Workshop for Parents and Teens on How to Start a Successful Business for Your ..."

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