Definition of Family anatidae

1. Noun. Swimming birds having heavy short-legged bodies and bills with a horny tip: swans; geese; ducks.

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Literary usage of Family anatidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. North American Birds Eggs by Chester Albert Reed (1904)
"Order V. ANSERES. DUCKS, GEESE AND SWANS. Family ANATIDAE. The birds comprising this family are of greatly ..."

2. The Bird Book: Illustrating in Natural Colors More Than Seven Hundred North by Chester Albert Reed (1914)
"Family ANATIDAE The birds comprising this family are of greatly varying sizes, but all have webbed feet, and generally the bill is broader than high, ..."

3. Journal of Morphology by Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (1897)
"In this computation necessarily Melospiza fasciata, eg, is considered a race, just as is Mf montana. FAMILY. Anatidae Rallidae Falconidae ..."

4. Transactions of the American Dental Association at Its ... Annual Session by American Dental Association (1898)
"Pelecanus fucus (Brown Pelican), North and Central America. Order Anseres.—Family Anatidae. Cygnus olor (Swan), Palaearctic Europe. ..."

5. The Water-fowl Family by Leonard Cutler Sanford, Louis Bennett Bishop, Theodore Strong Van Dyke (1903)
"family anatidae. Swimming birds usually of large size with short tails. Wings of moderate length, strong and pointed, giving vigorous and ..."

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