Definition of Family Vireonidae

1. Noun. Small insectivorous American songbirds.

Exact synonyms: Vireonidae
Generic synonyms: Bird Family
Group relationships: Oscines, Passeres, Suborder Oscines, Suborder Passeres
Member holonyms: Genus Vireo

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Literary usage of Family Vireonidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Birds of Maine: With Key to and Description of the Various Species Known by Ora Willis Knight (1908)
"... two plates uniting behind in a sharp ridge. 1. Primary wing feathers seemingly only nine. * Tip of bill slightly hooked. family Vireonidae. Vireos. ..."

2. History of Saginaw County, Michigan by Michael A. Leeson, Damon Clarke (1881)
"... though not so showy as her gaudy neighbors, confers more real benefit upon the people than any other member of the bird tribe. family Vireonidae ..."

3. Birdcraft: A Field Book of Two Hundred Song, Game, and Water Birds by Mabel Osgood Wright (1917)
"family Vireonidae : Vireos. Page 116. 5 Species. Birds of small size, bills hooked at tip — shorter than the head. Sexes alike in colouring; ..."

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