Definition of Executives

1. Noun. (plural of executive) ¹

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Definition of Executives

1. executive [n] - See also: executive

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Literary usage of Executives

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Learning Enterprise by Anthony P. Carnevale (1993)
"Managerial Personnel There are roughly 2.5 million executives and senior managers in the United States. They represent the top decision makers in a work ..."

2. Principles of Political Science by Robert Niven Gilchrist (1921)
"PLURAL AND SINGLE executives. A distinction is often made between single and plural executives. In a single executive, the final control be- The longs to ..."

3. The Science of Ethics by Michael Cronin (1917)
"THE TRADES-UNION executives The consideration of these conditions leads us to say a ... Before a strike is declared, therefore, the trades- union executives ..."

4. State Government in the United States by Arthur Norman Holcombe (1916)
"CHAPTER X THE STATE executives THE progress of democracy during the first half of the nineteenth century, as has been shown, had two principal effects upon ..."

5. Elements of Political Science by Stephen Leacock (1906)
"Methods of Appointment; Hereditary executives. Returning, then, to the consideration of modern executives in general, and having noted the prevailing ..."

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