Definition of Evening gown

1. Noun. A gown for evening wear.

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Literary usage of Evening gown

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Instructive Costume Design by Emil Alvin Hartman (1922)
"The neckline was suggested by the evening gown. ... The evening gown shown in figure 61 is almost entirely suggested by detail 1. Note that the tunic, ..."

2. Modern Dancing by Vernon Castle, Irene Castle (1914)
"One should not wear in the afternoon a frock so light and decollete that it looks like an evening gown. Soft silk gowns of dark shades, with black slippers ..."

3. Principles of Salesmanship by Harold Whitehead (1918)
"select that evening gown the other day, which I found did not suit me when I tried it on at home. I now want to see whether I can find something that I like ..."

4. A New and Original Sporting & Spectacular Drama Entitled The Derby Winner by Augustus Harris, Cecil Raleigh, Henry Hamilton (1895)
"ACT I.—evening gown. ACT II. Scene I.—Driving costume. Scene 3.—evening gown. ACT III. Scene 1.—Same dress as ball-room (with exception of cloak). Scene 2. ..."

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