Definition of Even spacing

1. Noun. Regularity of spacing.

Generic synonyms: Regularity

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Literary usage of Even spacing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice of Typography: Correct Composition; a Treatise on Spelling by Theodore Low De Vinne (1904)
"Compositors on time, and piece-hands who make alterations on time, have no excuse for the neglect of even spacing. Piece-compositors who have to take back ..."

2. Railway Shop Up to Date: A Reference Book of Up to Date American Railway by Maham H. Haig (1907)
"here the even spacing prevails the tracks are from 2п tu 22 feet between centers with usually a distribution track in every alternate space. ..."

3. The Practice of Typography: Modern Methods of Book Composition by Theodore Low De Vinne (1904)
"even spacing often has to be sacrificed for correct divisions. In double-columned matter, solid and of narrow measure, thin spacing is preferable. ..."

4. Text, Type and Style: A Compendium of Atlantic Usage by George Burnham Ives, Atlantic monthly press, inc., Boston (1921)
"As the width of the page decreases, the difficulty of securing even spacing increases; it reaches its height when, as in the magazine, the text is set in ..."

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