Definition of Equation

1. Noun. A mathematical statement that two expressions are equal.

2. Noun. A state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced. "On a par with the best"
Exact synonyms: Equality, Equivalence, Par
Generic synonyms: Position, Status
Specialized synonyms: Egalite, Egality, Tie
Derivative terms: Equate, Equate

3. Noun. The act of regarding as equal.
Exact synonyms: Equating
Generic synonyms: Equalisation, Equalization, Leveling
Derivative terms: Equate, Equate

Definition of Equation

1. n. A making equal; equal division; equality; equilibrium.

Definition of Equation

1. Noun. (mathematics) An assertion that two expressions are equal, expressed by writing the two expressions separated by an equal sign; from which one is to determine a particular quantity. ¹

2. Noun. (astronomy) A small correction to observed values to remove the effects of systematic errors in an observation. ¹

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Definition of Equation

1. the act of equating [n -S]

Medical Definition of Equation

1. 1. A making equal; equal division; equality; equilibrium. "Again the golden day resumed its right, And ruled in just equation with the night." (Rowe) 2. An expression of the condition of equality between two algebraic quantities or sets of quantities, the sign = being placed between them; as, a binomial equation; a quadratic equation; an algebraic equation; a transcendental equation; an exponential equation; a logarithmic equation; a differential equation, etc. 3. A quantity to be applied in computing the mean place or other element of a celestial body; that is, any one of the several quantities to be added to, or taken from, its position as calculated on the hypothesis of a mean uniform motion, in order to find its true position as resulting from its actual and unequal motion. 4. Equation box, or Equational box, a system of differential gearing used in spinning machines for regulating the twist of the yarn. It resembles gearing used in equation clocks for showing apparent time. 5. Equation of the center, the difference between the place of a planet as supposed to move uniformly in a circle, and its place as moving in an ellipse. Origin: L. Aequatio an equalizing: cf. F. Equation equation. See Equate. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Equation

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