Definition of Eastern fox squirrel

1. Noun. Exceptionally large arboreal squirrel of eastern United States.

Exact synonyms: Fox Squirrel, Sciurus Niger
Generic synonyms: Tree Squirrel
Group relationships: Genus Sciurus, Sciurus

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Literary usage of Eastern fox squirrel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1898)
"eastern fox squirrel. I have been unable to lay hands on any Pennsylvania specimens of this squirrel except those of the light gray phase presented many ..."

2. Diseases and Enemies of Poultry by Leonard Pearson, Benjamin Harry Warren (1897)
"... or eastern fox squirrel. WHERE FOUND IN PENNSYLVANIA. The Fox Squirrel is rapidly becoming rare in this State. The species, however, may still be found ..."

3. Biodiversity and the Management of the Madrean Archipelago: The Sky Islands edited by Leonard F. DeBano (1999)
"eastern fox squirrel Battus rattus. Black Rat1 Rattus norvegicus, Norway Rat Alws musculus. House Mouse Came/ops spp., Dromedary and Bactrian Camels Equus ..."

4. A Synopsis of the Mammals of North America and Adjacent Seas by Daniel Giraud Elliot (1901)
"... name of neglectus was bestowed upon the eastern Fox Squirrel, afterwards called vicinus by Bangs, and the latter name will therefore become a synonym. ..."

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