Definition of Deep south

1. Noun. The southeastern region of the United States: South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana; prior to the American Civil War all these states produced cotton and permitted slavery.

Definition of Deep south

1. Proper noun. a descriptive category of cultural and geographic subregions in the American South ¹

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Literary usage of Deep south

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Myanmar (Burma) by Helmut Köllner, Axel Bruns (1998)
"Chongqing Andaman Islands (INDIA: In the stretches of the country around Yangon and in the deep south, time really does seem to have stood still: very few ..."

2. Alcohol Use Among U. S. Ethnic Minorities edited by Danielle Spiegler (1993)
"Thus in 1971, blacks in the North and coastal South were from two to four times more likely than blacks in the deep South to die of cirrhosis. ..."

3. The Anglo-African Who's who and Biographical Sketch-book by Walter H. Wills, R. J. Barrett (1905)
"... the City Deep, South City, Wolhuter Deep, Klip Deep, South Wolhuter, Suburban Deep, the Turf Mines, the South African Gold Mines, and other Cos. ..."

4. Best Dives of the Caribbean by Joyce Huber (2006)
"Marine life is superb at deep south Reef, a patch reef displaying ... deep south is a short boat trip, about a mile, from the south end of Road Bay. ..."

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