Definition of Corner

1. Noun. A place off to the side of an area. "The southeastern corner of the Mediterranean"

Generic synonyms: Area, Country

2. Verb. Gain control over. "Corner the gold market"
Generic synonyms: Command, Control

3. Noun. The point where two lines meet or intersect. "The corners of a rectangle"
Specialized synonyms: Canthus
Generic synonyms: Point

4. Verb. Force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape.
Exact synonyms: Tree
Generic synonyms: Channelise, Channelize, Direct, Guide, Head, Maneuver, Manoeuver, Manoeuvre, Point, Steer

5. Noun. An interior angle formed by two meeting walls. "A piano was in one corner of the room"
Exact synonyms: Nook
Specialized synonyms: Amen Corner, Chimney Corner, Inglenook
Generic synonyms: Area
Group relationships: Building, Edifice

6. Verb. Turn a corner. "The car corners"
Generic synonyms: Turn

7. Noun. The intersection of two streets. "Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by"
Exact synonyms: Street Corner, Turning Point
Specialized synonyms: Blind Corner
Generic synonyms: Carrefour, Crossing, Crossroad, Crossway, Intersection

8. Noun. The point where three areas or surfaces meet or intersect. "The corners of a cube"
Generic synonyms: Point

9. Noun. A small concavity.
Exact synonyms: Niche, Recess, Recession
Specialized synonyms: Pharyngeal Recess
Generic synonyms: Concave Shape, Concavity, Incurvation, Incurvature
Derivative terms: Recess, Recess

10. Noun. A temporary monopoly on a kind of commercial trade. "A corner on the silver market"
Generic synonyms: Monopoly

11. Noun. A predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible. "His lying got him into a tight corner"
Exact synonyms: Box
Generic synonyms: Plight, Predicament, Quandary

12. Noun. A projecting part where two sides or edges meet. "He knocked off the corners"
Generic synonyms: Part, Piece

13. Noun. A remote area. "In many corners of the world they still practice slavery"
Generic synonyms: Area, Country

14. Noun. (architecture) solid exterior angle of a building; especially one formed by a cornerstone.
Exact synonyms: Quoin
Group relationships: Building, Edifice
Generic synonyms: Construction, Structure
Category relationships: Architecture

Definition of Corner

1. n. The point where two converging lines meet; an angle, either external or internal.

2. v. t. To drive into a corner.

3. n. A free kick from close to the nearest corner flag post, allowed to the opposite side when a player has sent the ball behind his own goal line.

Definition of Corner

1. Noun. The point where two converging lines meet; an angle, either external or internal. ¹

2. Noun. The space in the angle between converging lines or walls which meet in a point. ¹

3. Noun. The projection into space of an angle in a solid object. ¹

4. Noun. An intersection of two streets; any of the four outer points off the street at that intersection. ¹

5. Noun. An edge or extremity; the part farthest from the center; hence, any quarter or part, or the direction in which it lies. ¹

6. Noun. A secret or secluded place; a remote or out of the way place; a nook. ¹

7. Noun. (business finance) A monopoly or controlling interest in a salable commodity, allowing the controlling party to dictate terms of sale. ¹

8. Noun. (baseball) One of the four vertices of the strike zone. ¹

9. Noun. (baseball) first base or third base. ¹

10. Noun. (football) A corner kick. ¹

11. Verb. (transitive) To drive (someone) into a corner or other confined space. ¹

12. Verb. (transitive) To trap in a position of great difficulty or hopeless embarrassment. ¹

13. Verb. (transitive) To get command of (a stock, commodity, etc.), so as to be able to put one's own price on it. ¹

14. Verb. (context: automotive transitive) To turn a corner or drive around a curve. ¹

15. Verb. (context: automotive intransitive) To handle while moving around a corner in a road or otherwise turning. ¹

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Definition of Corner

1. to gain control of [v -ED, -ING, -S]

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Literary usage of Corner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dictionary of National Biography by LESLIE. STEPHEN (1887)
"1833 corner was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, ... corner was one of the original members of the Numismatic Society of London, founded 1836 ..."

2. The American Journal of Psychology by Edward Bradford ( Titchener, Granville Stanley Hall (1922)
"Synthetic violet; might be expected to belong to the F corner. It is a derivative of tetrahydro-benzine and a vicinal ring, which is equivalent to two ..."

3. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1896)
"... but of far greater transparency ; in the right lower corner is a crystal of Iceland spar, 1 cm. thick ; in the left lower corner a loop of aluminium ..."

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