Definition of Congers

1. Noun. (plural of conger) ¹

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Definition of Congers

1. conger [n] - See also: conger

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Literary usage of Congers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Curiosities of Natural History by Francis Trevelyan Buckland (1882)
"The night is the best time to catch the congers, sir. The congers is as taffety fish as is ; there's not a deli- cater fish as swims, and they are very nice ..."

2. Days of My Life on Waters Fresh and Salt: And Other Papers by John Bickerdyke (1895)
"Murder was in my heart, congers were in the sea, and a goodly number of quaint ... All I really mean is, that I wanted to kill congers, and that want was so ..."

3. Ordered to China: Letters of Wilbur J. Chamberlin Written from China While by Wilbur J Chamberlin (1903)
"She has lived with the congers ever since they have been out here. The party did not break up until midnight, and it is getting along towards 1 o'clock now, ..."

4. A practical treatise on the choice and cookery of fish by William Hughes (1854)
"EELS AND congers. Eek. Eels and congers are both excellent fish. Of the former kind, there are three distinct varieties; the silver eel, the grig, ..."

5. Prose Halieutics Or Ancient and Modern Fish Tattle by Charles David Badham (1854)
"With so strong an inducement for fishmongers to decapitate congers, acephalous specimens would probably be as common then as were those of ling in the days ..."

6. Deep-sea Fishing and Fishing-boats: An Account of the Practical Working of by Edmund William Hunt Holdsworth (1874)
"... Torbay— Mackerel fishing at the Chesil Beach — Channel Islands — Mackerel fishing — Guernsey fishing boats — Cessation of the herring fishery — congers, ..."

7. The Sea and the Rod by Charles Thomas Paske, Frederick George Aflalo (1892)
"... of Whole Fish for Cooking—The " Paternoster " and Baits for Cod—Swivels —An Unwelcome Catch—congers and Dog-fish—Best Months for Cod-fishing—Deal Pier. ..."

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