Definition of Coitus

1. Noun. The act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

Definition of Coitus

1. Noun. The act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman, requiring insertion of the penis into the vagina and culminating in ejaculation of semen. ¹

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Definition of Coitus

1. sexual intercourse [n -ES] : COITAL [adj], COITALLY [adv]

Medical Definition of Coitus

1. Sexual connection per vaginam between male and female. Origin: L. Coitio = a coming together, meeting This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Coitus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Canadian Entomologist by Entomological Society of Canada (1863-1871), Entomological Society of Canada (1951- ), Entomological Society of Ontario (1875)
"There is occasionally a coitus co-extensive with the limits of a modern genus, ... But out of 255 coitus preceding the Hesperidae there are but 35 such, ..."

2. A Practical Treatise on Disorders of the Sexual Function in the Male and Female by Max Huhner (1916)
"Stress is laid upon the point that there is no orgasm here during coitus. Many of these women can provoke an orgasm by masturbation and many have resorted ..."

3. Studies in the Psychology of Sex by Havelock Ellis (1910)
"... Results of Unskilful coitus —Women Understand the Art of Love Better Than Men—Ancient and Modern Opinions Concerning Frequency of coitus—Variation in ..."

4. Anomalies and curiosities of medicine: Being an Encyclopedic Collection of by George Milbry Gould, Walter Lytle Pyle (1900)
"Spaeth d speaks of a woman of thirty-one who, a few days after marriage, felt violent pain in coitus, and four days later she noticed that fecal matter ..."

5. The Physiology of Man by Austin Flint (1875)
"coitus—Action of the male—Erection—Ejaculation of semen—Action of ... As far as the male is concerned, coitus is rendered possible by erection of the penis. ..."

6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of Women by Harry Sturgeon Crossen (1910)
"The two principal disturbances of sexual intercourse are dyspareunia (difficulty in coitus) and sexual impotence (absence of sexual orgasm in coil ..."

7. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1890)
"INJURIES DURING coitus. This subject, which possesses considerable interest from a medico-legal standpoint, is well illustrated by the following cases: ..."

8. The Unsound Mind and the Law: A Presentation of Forensic Psychiatry by George W. Jacoby (1918)
"Of these the following may be differentiated: (1) coitus associated with such non-essential ... coitus with such young persons may often be explained by the ..."

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