Definition of Class echinoidea

1. Noun. Sea urchins and sand dollars.

Exact synonyms: Echinoidea
Group relationships: Echinodermata, Phylum Echinodermata
Member holonyms: Sea Urchin, Exocycloida, Order Exocycloida, Order Spatangoida, Spatangoida
Generic synonyms: Class

Literary usage of Class echinoidea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Popular Zoology by Joel Dorman Steele, John Whipple Potter Jenks (1887)
"The Basket-fish represents species having the five rays subdivided till the number of ultimate branches is nearly five thousand. class echinoidea (Sk 1 ..."

2. A Manual of Zoology by Thomas Jeffery Parker, William Aitcheson Haswell (1905)
"THE ECHINOIDEA The Sea-urchins (class echinoidea) differ much more widely from the starfishes than the brittle-stars. The body (Fig. 94) is not star-shaped, ..."

3. A Laboratory Manual for Elementary Zoölogy by Libbie Henrietta Hyman (1919)
"class echinoidea 8 (i). Skeleton rudimentary; animals with leathery and tough body walls; elongated, even wormlike, with a tendency to bilaterali ty; ..."

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