Definition of Caucasian language

1. Noun. A number of languages spoken in the Caucasus that are unrelated to languages spoken elsewhere.

Exact synonyms: Caucasian
Generic synonyms: Natural Language, Tongue
Specialized synonyms: Chechen, Circassian, Georgian, Ubykh

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Literary usage of Caucasian language

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cambrian Journal by Wales Cambrian Institute (Tenby, Cambrian Institute, Tenby, Wales, Cambrian Institute (Tenby, Wales) (1854)
"... which appears, indeed, as we have already endeavoured to demonstrate, to represent the primitive state of the great caucasian language in general, ..."

2. Folklore by Folklore Society (Great Britain) (1891)
"... than in that generally employed by Herodotus, for he gained the information through hearsay, and may therefore be taken to include a caucasian language. ..."

3. Race Orthodoxy in the South: And Other Aspects of the Negro Question by Thomas Pearce Bailey (1914)
"... for children grow up in the fulness of time, and I am the voice of the negro race speaking caucasian language, the language of the adult races. ..."

4. A Memoir of Baron Bunsen by Frances (Waddington) Bunsen (1868)
"The following formula contains my reply :— Cham = African humanity = the first great joint of the caucasian language-formation. All our languages have at ..."

5. Chips from a German Workshop by Friedrich Max Müller (1871)
"... contribution looks very well, I feel very strongly the want of a report of the last results of the caucasian language«. My two lines on Rosen look too ..."

6. The Land of the Czar by O. W. Wahl (1875)
"This dialect shows no analogy with any other caucasian language, with the exception perhaps of the ..."

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