Definition of Business

1. Noun. A commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it. "A racially integrated business concern"

2. Noun. The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects. "Computers are now widely used in business"

3. Noun. The principal activity in your life that you do to earn money. "He's not in my line of business"

4. Noun. A rightful concern or responsibility. "Mind your own business"
Generic synonyms: Concern, Headache, Vexation, Worry

5. Noun. An immediate objective. "Gossip was the main business of the evening"
Generic synonyms: Aim, Object, Objective, Target
Specialized synonyms: Occasions

6. Noun. The volume of commercial activity. "Show me where the business was today"

7. Noun. Business concerns collectively. "Government and business could not agree"
Exact synonyms: Business Sector
Category relationships: Business Enterprise, Commercial Enterprise
Generic synonyms: Sector
Specialized synonyms: Big Business
Examples of category: Incorporate

8. Noun. Customers collectively. "They have an upper class clientele"
Exact synonyms: Clientele, Patronage
Generic synonyms: People
Derivative terms: Patronage

9. Noun. Incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect. "His business with the cane was hilarious"
Exact synonyms: Byplay, Stage Business
Generic synonyms: Acting, Performing, Playacting, Playing
Specialized synonyms: Schtick, Schtik, Shtick, Shtik

Definition of Business

1. n. That which busies one, or that which engages the time, attention, or labor of any one, as his principal concern or interest, whether for a longer or shorter time; constant employment; regular occupation; as, the business of life; business before pleasure.

Definition of Business

1. Noun. A specific commercial enterprise or establishment. ¹

2. Noun. A person's occupation, work, or trade. ¹

3. Noun. Commercial, industrial, or professional activity. ¹

4. Noun. The volume or amount of commercial trade. ¹

5. Noun. One's dealings; patronage. ¹

6. Noun. Private commercial interests taken collectively. ¹

7. Noun. The management of commercial enterprises, or the study of such management. ¹

8. Noun. A particular situation or activity. ¹

9. Noun. An objective or a matter needing to be dealt with. ¹

10. Noun. Something involving one personally. ¹

11. Noun. (uncountable parliamentary procedure) Matters that come before a body for deliberation or action. ¹

12. Noun. (travel uncountable) Business class, the class of seating provided by airlines between first class and coach. ¹

13. Noun. (acting) Action carried out with a prop or piece of clothing, usually away from the focus of the scene. ¹

14. Noun. (countable rare) The collective noun for a group of ferrets. ¹

15. Noun. (uncountable slang British) Something very good; top quality. (possibly from "the bee's knees") ¹

16. Noun. (slang uncountable) Excrement, particularly that of a non-human animal. ¹

17. Adjective. Of, to, pertaining to or utilized for purposes of conducting trade, commerce, governance, advocacy or other professional purposes. ¹

18. Adjective. Professional, businesslike, having concern for good business practice. ¹

19. Adjective. Supporting business, conducive to the conduct of business. ¹

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Definition of Business

1. an occupation, profession, or trade [n -ES]

Medical Definition of Business

1. Origin: From Busy. 1. That which busies one, or that which engages the time, attention, or labour of any one, as his principal concern or interest, whether for a longer or shorter time; constant employment; regular occupation; as, the business of life; business before pleasure. "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" (Luke II. 49) 2. Any particular occupation or employment engaged in for livelihood or gain, as agriculture, trade, art, or a profession. "The business of instruction." 3. Financial dealings; buying and selling; traffic in general; mercantile transactions. "It seldom happens that men of a studious turn acquire any degree of reputation for their knowledge of business." (Bp. Popteus) 4. That which one has to do or should do; special service, duty, or mission. "The daughter of the King of France, On serious business, craving quick despatch, Importunes personal conference." (Shak) "What business has the tortoise among the clouds?" (L'Estrange) 5. Affair; concern; matter; used in an indefinite sense, and modified by the connected words. "It was a gentle business, and becoming The action of good women." (Shak) "Bestow Your needful counsel to our business." (Shak) 6. The position, distribution, and order of persons and properties on the stage of a theater, as determined by the stage manager in rehearsal. 7. Care; anxiety; diligence. To do one's business, to ruin one. To make (a thing) one's business, to occupy one's self with a thing as a special charge or duty. To mean business, to be earnest. Synonym: Affairs, concern, transaction, matter, engagement, employment, calling, occupation, trade, profession, vocation, office, duty. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Business

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Is there not something extraordinary in this in- ' junction of diligence in business and devotion to religion, in the same breath ? ..."

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"The Applied Theory of Accounts Part I—business Organization CHAPTER I Preliminary THE COPARTNERSHIP The study of the theory of accounts presupposes a good ..."

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"... research — Sources of business facts — Nature of business facts — The method of collecting facts — Analysis of business facts — Presentation of business ..."

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"business Organization There are three general forms under which business ... In a single proprietorship the business is conducted by an individual on his ..."

6. Commercial Arbitration and the Law by Julius Henry Cohen (1918)
"... the writer says that *'' business men have no great quarrel, as a rule, with the legal concepts which the common law, as modified by statute, ..."

7. Principles of Bookkeeping: Complete Course Illustrating the Journal Method by George Washington Miner, Fayette Herbert Elwell (1918)
"A business transaction is an exchange of values; that is, ... In other business transactions the value received or parted with is the use, or the hire, ..."

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