Definition of Bouncy

1. Adjective. Elastic; rebounds readily. "Springy turf"

2. Adjective. Marked by lively action. "A spirited dance"
Exact synonyms: Bouncing, Peppy, Spirited, Zippy
Similar to: Lively
Derivative terms: Pep, Peppiness, Spiritedness

Definition of Bouncy

1. Adjective. Easily bounced ¹

2. Adjective. Lively, exuberant, energetic ¹

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Definition of Bouncy

1. tending to bounce [adj BOUNCIER, BOUNCIEST] : BOUNCILY [adv]

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Literary usage of Bouncy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Vital Records of Abington, Massachusetts to the Year 1850 by Abington (Mass.) (1912)
"Thomas J. and Mary B. bouncy, Oct. 27, ,825.* P.1.46. William J[r]. and Harriet Williams, ... bouncy], 32, and James D. Nash, 40, shoemaker, Oct. 19, 1845. ..."

2. Trukese-English Dictionary =: Pwpwuken Tettenin Fóós, Chuuk-Ingenes by Ward Hunt Goodenough, Hiroshi Sugita (1990)
"bounce up and down, be bouncy. ... cause a skipping or bouncing. bouncy ... be hopping, jumpy, bouncy (as a ride in a car). bound ..."

3. The Lawyer's Reference Manual of Law Books and Citations by Charles Carroll Soule (1882)
"bouncy on Railway Curriers. Bond's United States Circuit Court Reports. ... bouncy on Railway Curriers. bouncy on Insurance. Booth on Real Actions. ..."

4. Journal of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Massachusetts General Court. House of Representatives (1868)
"Mr. bouncy of Hanover, from the committee on Printing, to whom was referred an order relative to printing 1500 Copies of tae report of the state constable, ..."

5. Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Maine by Maine Legislature. House, House of Representatives, Legislature, Maine (1871)
"Wilson of Thomaston, and bouncy and Cleaves of Portland, conferees. The foregoing were sent to the Senate. • On motion of Mr. ROBIE of Gorham, Adjourned. ..."

6. A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Thomas Bayly Howell by Thomas Bayly Howell (1818)
"I am going to read the account of Gay's being admitted a member of the Constitutional Society ; he was proposed by Mr. Tooke, and seconded by Mr. bouncy. ..."

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