Definition of Botany

1. Noun. All the plant life in a particular region or period. "The botany of China"

Exact synonyms: Flora, Vegetation
Category relationships: Flora, Plant, Plant Life
Generic synonyms: Accumulation, Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection
Group relationships: Biology, Biota
Specialized synonyms: Browse, Brush, Brushwood, Coppice, Copse, Thicket, Growth, Bush, Chaparral, Scrub, Stand, Forest, Wood, Woods, Shrubbery, Garden, Brier, Brier Patch, Brierpatch, Ground Cover, Groundcover
Examples of category: Cut, Mown, Uncut, Unmown, Sprouted, Dried-up, Sear, Sere, Shriveled, Shrivelled, Withered
Antonyms: Fauna
Derivative terms: Vegetate, Vegetational

2. Noun. The branch of biology that studies plants.
Exact synonyms: Phytology
Examples of category: Flora, Plant, Plant Life, Etiolation, Dissilience, Aestivation, Estivation, Division, Venation, Vernation, Scurf, Natural Scientist, Naturalist, Kingdom Plantae, Plant Kingdom, Plantae, Annual, Biennial, Perennial, Style, Germ Tube, Pollen Tube, Peristome, Embryo, Corolla, Corona, Calyx, Lip, Papilla, Pitcher, Apophysis, Callus, Blister, Coma, Bast, Phloem, Root, Taproot, Spike, Leaf Node, Node, Lobe, Ligule, Apogamy, Cohesion, Foliation, Leafing, Parthenocarpy, Growth Regulator, Phytohormone, Plant Hormone, Cork, Phellem, Sporulate, Invaginate, Sporulate, Acroscopic, Basiscopic, Acropetal, Basipetal, Basifixed, Comal, Comate, Comose, Carpellate, Pistillate, Acarpellous, Acarpelous, Cauline, Basal, Radical, Caulescent, Cauline, Stemmed, Acaulescent, Stemless, Outward-developing, Inward-developing, Chlamydeous, Achlamydeous, Brachiate, Comate, Comose, Cyclic, Acyclic, Annual, One-year, Biennial, Two-year, Perennial, Determinate, Cymose, Indeterminate, Racemose, Dextrorsal, Dextrorse, Sinistrorsal, Sinistrorse, Precocious, Autogamic, Autogamous, Endogamic, Endogamous, Exogamic, Exogamous, Fastigiate, Aerial, Antheral, Staminate, Pistillate, Monoclinous, Diclinous, Capsulate, Capsulated, Opposite, Paired, Alternate, Ariled, Arillate, Foliate, Foliolate, Aphyllous, Scapose, Bilabiate, Two-lipped, Cancellate, Cancellated, Clathrate, Terete, Torulose, Simple, Unsubdivided, Compound, Aggregate, Double, Single, Bullate, Imbricate, Imbricated, Squamulose, Rugose, Smooth, Rough, Convolute, Convoluted, Involute, Rolled, Bifid, Pentamerous, Trifid, Assurgent, Ligneous, Alliaceous, Apogametic, Apogamic, Apogamous, Apomictic, Apomictical, Apothecial, Archegonial, Archegoniate, Archesporial, Araceous, Aroid, Arthrosporic, Arthrosporous, Asclepiadaceous, Ascocarpous, Ascosporic, Ascosporous, Autophytic, Autotrophic, Heterotrophic, Axial, Axile, Basidiomycetous, Basidiosporous, Bicapsular, Calyceal, Calycinal, Calycine, Cambial, Capsular, Composite, Homostyled, Homostylic, Homostylous, Panicled, Self-pollinating, Umbelliform, Umbelliferous, Cruciferous, Tomentose, Epiphytic, Lithophytic, Myrmecophytic, Bladed, Spicate, Alar, Axillary, Paniculate, Phyllodial, Involucrate, Bryophytic, Herbaceous
Generic synonyms: Biological Science, Biology
Specialized synonyms: Mycology, Pomology, Palaeobotany, Paleobotany, Algology, Phycology, Pteridology
Derivative terms: Botanic, Botanical, Botanise, Botanist, Botanize, Phytologist

Definition of Botany

1. n. The science which treats of the structure of plants, the functions of their parts, their places of growth, their classification, and the terms which are employed in their description and denomination. See Plant.

Definition of Botany

1. Noun. The scientific study of plants, a branch of biology. Typically those disciplines that involve the whole plant. ¹

2. Noun. The plant life, or the properties and life phenomena exhibited by a plant, plant type, or plant group. ¹

3. Noun. A botanical treatise or study, especially of a particular system of botany or that of a particular place. ¹

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Definition of Botany

1. the science of plants [n -NIES]

Medical Definition of Botany

1. The scientific study of plant life. (09 Oct 1997)

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