Definition of Bluegrass state

1. Noun. A state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses.

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Literary usage of Bluegrass state

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. From Promise to Practice: Stories from the Regional Educational Laboratories by Nancy Kober (1998)
"... Policymakers everywhere have their eyes on the bluegrass state as it implements the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 (KERA), a monumental effort to ..."

2. By Abolishing the Internal Taxes We Can Extinguish the Surplus and Overthrow by William Darrah Kelley (1888)
"... so that no imported stock lingers long enough to breed a progeny in the bluegrass state that it does not improve upon its own type; why this State, ..."

3. A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians: The Leaders and Representative Men in by E. Polk Johnson, Lewis Publishing Company (1912)
"Many industrial enterprises in this section of the fine old bluegrass state have felt the stimulus and benefited by the energy and perseverance of John B. ..."

4. Battles and Sketches of the Army of Tennessee by Bromfield Lewis Ridley (1906)
"... of the bluegrass state, which sent thousands of courageous and1 gallant men to aid the South, which fact, he said, was attested by the presence of their ..."

5. A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia by Oren Frederic Morton (1920)
"In the spring of 1784, Stevenson settled in Woodford county, the "Asparagus Bed" of the bluegrass state. He was preceded a few weeks by Alexander Dunlap, ..."

6. A History of the Puget Sound Country: Its Resources, Its Commerce and Its by William Farrand Prosser (1903)
"... and the latter, also a native of that state, was the daughter of Elias Ash, a farmer of the bluegrass state. Clarence had four brothers and one sister, ..."

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