Definition of Blue sage

1. Noun. Sage of western North America to Central America having violet-blue flowers; widespread in cultivation.

Exact synonyms: Salvia Lancifolia, Salvia Reflexa
Generic synonyms: Sage, Salvia

2. Noun. Texas sage having intensely blue flowers.
Exact synonyms: Mealy Sage, Salvia Farinacea
Generic synonyms: Sage, Salvia

3. Noun. Blue-flowered sage of dry prairies of the eastern United States.
Exact synonyms: Salvia Azurea
Generic synonyms: Sage, Salvia

4. Noun. Aromatic shrub of arid regions of western North America having hoary leaves.

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Literary usage of Blue sage

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proserpina: Studies of Wayside Flowers, While the Air was Yet Pure Among the by John Ruskin (1882)
"I find that a brilliant blue sage is a meadow plant in Germany.* " There is a rather excessive tendency to colour in the sage family;—those Coleus things in ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: “a” Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature edited by Hugh Chisholm (1910)
"Other examples are known where the ground has been covered with lavender, blue, sage, apple and turquoise greens, chocolate or coffee-brown, ..."

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