Definition of Black sage

1. Noun. An aromatic plant with wooly leaves found in southern California and Mexico.

Exact synonyms: California Romero, Trichostema Lanatum, Wooly Blue Curls
Group relationships: Genus Trichostema, Trichostema
Generic synonyms: Blue Curls

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Literary usage of Black sage

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions by Metallurgical Society of AIME. (1917)
"... (black sage) from southern California was also reported by Rabak. This oil was said to contain 40 per cent. of camphor. In 1914, Charles E. Burke and ..."

2. California Plants in Their Homes: A Botanical Reader for Children by Alice Merritt Davidson (1898)
"Watching the pollination of the black sage, ... In this species the stamens and style are longer than in the black sage, and stand about midway between ..."

3. Report on the Internal Commerce of the United States by Joseph Nimmo (1885)
"The white sage is second choice, and the black sage is the last resort. It seems to an extent true that the northern grass is more nutritious than the ..."

4. Bulletin by United States Bureau of Plant Industry, Division of Plant Industry, Queensland (1907)
"The vegetation in the foreground is chiefly black sage, while the trees are ... Tbls field was covered with black sage two years ago. PLATE II. Fig. 1. ..."

5. Hayfever and Asthma: Care, Prevention and Treatment by William Scheppegrell (1922)
"The sagebrush is sometimes known as "black sage," but it is not to be confused with the true black sage nor with the white sage, both natives of southern ..."

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