Definition of Belt along

1. Verb. Move fast. "They belt along up the hill"; "The cars raced down the street"

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Literary usage of Belt along

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland: A Survey of Scottish Topography, Staistical by Francis Hindes Groome (1882)
"Devonian rocks form a belt exterior to the slate belt, along all the E, SW, and S, from the Fallen Rocks on the N to Machrie Bay on the W ; about 1 mile ..."

2. Bulletin of the Department of Geology by Andrew C Lawson, University of California (1868-1952 (1906)
"... at the bottom of the central portion of the North Pacific does not therefore in any way contradict the hypothesis used for the cold water belt along ..."

3. Industrial Ireland: A Practical and Non-political View of "Ireland for the by Robert Dennis (1887)
"Abortive Discussions in the Past—Importance of Reafforestation—Suggested Shelter-belt along the West Coast— Functions of Forests—The Duty of the ..."

4. Reports by Missouri Bureau of Geology and Mines (1896)
"The timber belt along the river averages about two miles in width. ... "The timber belt along Tabo creek is an extension of the Missouri river belt; ..."

5. A Manual Flora of Madeira and the Adjacent Island of Porto Santo and the by Richard Thomas Lowe (1868)
"It is quite confined to a narrow belt along the south sea-coast, of not more than 1J-2 miles in length, and yet apparently is perfectly ..."

6. Report on the Valley Regions of Alabama: (Paleozoic Strata) by Henry McCalley, Geological Survey of Alabama (1897)
"The strata of the belt along just to the south-east of the Blount and Chandler mountains in their out-crops along Dry Creek in the NE i of NE i of S. IS, ..."

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