Definition of Backwardness

1. Noun. Lack of normal development of intellectual capacities.

Definition of Backwardness

1. n. The state of being backward.

Definition of Backwardness

1. Noun. The state of being backward. ¹

2. Noun. reluctance. ¹

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Definition of Backwardness

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Backwardness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Problems of Child Welfare by George Benjamin Mangold (1914)
"Causes of backwardness. Coming to the backward children we find that powerful ... Much backwardness must be due to this cause, for eye strain and overtaxed ..."

2. The Russian Immigrant by Jerome Davis (1922)
"Agricultural backwardness Besides an unequal distribution of the land, Russia has been afflicted with agricultural backwardness. Wooden plows and harrows ..."

3. The Early Diary of Frances Burney, 1768-1778: With a Selection from Her by Fanny Burney (1889)
"In this account of Fanny, her backwardness in learning to read, and her precocity in composing speeches for characters, are in strong contrast. ..."

4. Medical Inspection of Schools by Luther Halsey Gulick, Leonard Porter Ayres (1909)
"To what extent do physical defects cause backwardness? We do not know. We do know that we have here a fruitful field for investigation. ..."

5. Psychologic Method in Teaching by William Arch McKeever (1909)
"To Eradicate backwardness. Reticence is both a desirable and a natural ... But backwardness with reference to any particular kind of recitation or response ..."

6. South American Problems by Robert Elliott Speer (1912)
"... uneducated, unawakened. r Causes of South American backwardness. It is this heavy strain of Indian blood, and of negro blood as well in Brazil, ..."

7. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson (1893)
"SIR,—I received your letter on the subject of the backwardness of the militia of Berkely & Frederic to proceed Westwardly, and had before received ..."

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