Definition of Automobile

1. Noun. A motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine. "He needs a car to get to work"

Exact synonyms: Auto, Car, Machine, Motorcar
Examples of category: Rental, Renting, Alternator, Backseat, Road Map, Saleroom, Salesroom, Showroom, Spark Lever, Tunnel, Passenger, Rider, Adhesive Friction, Grip, Traction, Chattel, Movable, Personal Chattel, Prang, Hopped-up
Terms within: Accelerator, Accelerator Pedal, Gas, Gas Pedal, Gun, Throttle, Air Bag, Auto Accessory, Automobile Engine, Automobile Horn, Car Horn, Hooter, Horn, Motor Horn, Buffer, Fender, Bumper, Car Door, Car Mirror, Car Seat, Car Window, Fender, Wing, First, First Gear, Low, Low Gear, Floorboard, Gasoline Engine, Petrol Engine, Glove Compartment, Grille, Radiator Grille, High, High Gear, Bonnet, Cowl, Cowling, Hood, Automobile Trunk, Luggage Compartment, Trunk, Rear Window, Reverse, Reverse Gear, Roof, Running Board, Anti-sway Bar, Stabilizer Bar, Sunroof, Sunshine-roof, Fin, Tail Fin, Tailfin, Third, Third Gear, Window
Specialized synonyms: Ambulance, Beach Waggon, Beach Wagon, Estate Car, Station Waggon, Station Wagon, Waggon, Wagon, Bus, Heap, Jalopy, Cab, Hack, Taxi, Taxicab, Compact, Compact Car, Convertible, Coupe, Cruiser, Patrol Car, Police Car, Police Cruiser, Prowl Car, Squad Car, Electric, Electric Automobile, Electric Car, Gas Guzzler, Hardtop, Hatchback, Horseless Carriage, Hot Rod, Hot-rod, Jeep, Landrover, Limo, Limousine, Loaner, Minicar, Minivan, Model T, Pace Car, Race Car, Racer, Racing Car, Roadster, Runabout, Two-seater, Saloon, Sedan, Sport Car, Sports Car, S.u.v., Sport Utility, Sport Utility Vehicle, Suv, Stanley Steamer, Stock Car, Subcompact, Subcompact Car, Phaeton, Tourer, Touring Car, Secondhand Car, Used-car
Generic synonyms: Automotive Vehicle, Motor Vehicle
Derivative terms: Automobilist, Machinist

2. Verb. Travel in an automobile.
Category relationships: Driving
Generic synonyms: Go, Locomote, Move, Travel

Definition of Automobile

1. n. An automobile vehicle or mechanism; esp., a self-propelled vehicle suitable for use on a street or roadway. Automobiles are usually propelled by internal combustion engines (using volatile inflammable liquids, as gasoline or petrol, alcohol, naphtha, etc.), steam engines, or electric motors. The power of the driving motor varies from about 4 to 50 H. P. for ordinary vehicles, ranging from the run- about to the touring car, up to as high as 200 H. P. for specially built racing cars. Automobiles are also commonly, and generally in British usage, called motor cars.

Definition of Automobile

1. Noun. (US Canada) A type of vehicle designed to move on the ground under its own stored power and intended to carry a driver, a small number of additional passengers, and a very limited amount of other load. A car or motorcar. ¹

2. Verb. (dated) To travel by automobile. ¹

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Definition of Automobile


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Literary usage of Automobile

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