Definition of Arc lamp

1. Noun. A lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes.

Exact synonyms: Arc Light
Specialized synonyms: Carbon Arc, Carbon Arc Lamp
Generic synonyms: Electric Lamp

Definition of Arc lamp

1. Noun. An electric arc arranged so as to produce useful light. ¹

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Literary usage of Arc lamp

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"In that year the commercial introduction of the enclosed arc lamp began and during the past ten years the gradual displacement of the open arc lamps by the ..."

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"It may be roughly stated that at the present prices of plain open arc-lamp carbons the cost is about 155. per looo hours of burning; hence if such a lamp is ..."

3. Experimental Electrical Engineering and Manual for Electrical Testing for by Vladimir Karapetoff (1910)
"An arc lamp has to be placed at quite a considerable distance from the ... Where this is not practicable, the light from the arc lamp is reduced in a known ..."

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"11 Klee W 62:554 S 13 '13 Automobile 29:297 Ag 14 '13 Long-burning inclosed flaming-arc lamp. 11 Elec W 62:1344 D 27 '13 Luminous-arc installations in ..."

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"Replacement of the Enclosed Alternating Carbon Arc by the Magnetite arc lamp in Street Lighting, by the Intensified Arc or the Tungsten Incandescent Lamp in ..."

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"Considers the history and development of the flame arc lamp, ... A thorough discussion of this class of arc lamp, descriptions of different types, ..."

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