Definition of American capital

1. Noun. The capital of the United States in the District of Columbia and a tourist mecca; George Washington commissioned Charles L'Enfant to lay out the city in 1791.

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Literary usage of American capital

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Marine Insurance: Its Principles and Practice by William David Winter (1919)
"Little american capital Invested in Marine Companies.—Notwithstanding the gradual control which the American market obtained in the conduct of local ..."

2. Immigration and Labor: The Economic Aspects of European Immigration to the by Isaac Aaronovich Hourwich (1922)
"... that the restriction of immigration of labor from Europe will lead to emigration of american capital to Europe. That this is not mere speculation, ..."

3. Great American Issues, Political, Social, Economic (a Constructive Study) by John Hays Hammond (1921)
"Again, american capital might be invested in Europe and its earnings reinvested for some years to come. This would supply the needed capital without ..."

4. The Export of Capital by Charles Kenneth Hobson (1914)
"Capital Investments in Canada, by FW Field, p. 24. * Article on " american capital invading Foreign Fields " in New York Journal of Commerce, December 6, ..."

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