Definition of America

1. Noun. North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776.

Exact synonyms: The States, U.s., U.s.a., United States, United States Of America, Us, Usa
Geographical relationships: Multiple Voting, Snake Dance, Reallocation, Reallotment, Reapportionment, Trust Busting, Boston Tea Party, Recall, American Civil War, United States Civil War, War Between The States, Water Spaniel, Maquiladora, Slave Market, Totem, Beak, Honker, Hooter, Nozzle, Schnoz, Schnozzle, Snoot, Snout, Southernism, Shamanism, Social Security Number, Joint Resolution, Bill Of Rights, Athabascan, Athabaskan, Athapascan, Athapaskan, Athapaskan Language, Inaugural, Inaugural Address, Tart, Teacake, Partridge, Cola, Dope, Combination In Restraint Of Trade, State Department, Department Of The Federal Government, Federal Department, Federal Office, Federation Of Tribes, Tribe, Nation, Independent Agency, Ic, Intelligence Community, National Intelligence Community, United States Intelligence Community, County, Barrio, Marshall Islands, Republic Of The Marshall Islands, North, Union, Marlowe, Philip Marlowe, Paleface, Desperado, Desperate Criminal, Mestiza, Ladino, Mestizo, Old Man, Staff Member, Staffer, Northerner, Yank, Yankee, Gibson, Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson, Mel Gibson, Genus Epiphyllum, Matricaria Matricarioides, Pineapple Weed, Rayless Chamomile, Cassia Alata, Ringworm Bush, Ringworm Cassia, Ringworm Shrub, Senna Alata, Genus Hedeoma, Hedeoma, Acrostichum Aureum, Golden Fern, Leather Fern, Discount Rate, Buck, Clam, Dollar, Dollar Bill, One Dollar Bill, In, Inch, 1000000000, Billion, One Thousand Million, 1000000000000, One Million Million, Trillion, Quadrillion, Quintillion, Sextillion, Septillion, Octillion, Billionth, Trapezium, Trapezoid, February 2, Groundhog Day, February 12, Lincoln's Birthday, February 22, Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, First-year, Freshman, Billion, Trillion, Marine, Checking Account, Scallion
Group relationships: Nato, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Oas, Organization Of American States
Terms within: East, Eastern United States, Middle West, Midwest, Midwestern United States, Pacific Northwest, American State, West, Western United States, Colony, New England, Mid-atlantic States, South, Sunbelt, North, Dakota, Al, Alabama, Camellia State, Heart Of Dixie, Ak, Alaska, Last Frontier, Arizona, Az, Grand Canyon State, Ar, Arkansas, Land Of Opportunity, Ca, Calif., California, Golden State, Centennial State, Co, Colorado, Connecticut, Constitution State, Ct, Nutmeg State, De, Delaware, Diamond State, First State, D.c., Dc, District Of Columbia, Everglade State, Fl, Florida, Sunshine State, Empire State Of The South, Ga, Georgia, Peach State, Aloha State, Hawai'i, Hawaii, Hi, Gem State, Id, Idaho, Il, Illinois, Land Of Lincoln, Prairie State, Hoosier State, In, Indiana, Hawkeye State, Ia, Iowa, Kansas, Ks, Sunflower State, Bluegrass State, Kentucky, Ky, Louisiana Purchase, La, Louisiana, Pelican State, Maine, Me, Pine Tree State, Free State, Maryland, Md, Old Line State, Bay State, Ma, Massachusetts, Old Colony, Great Lakes State, Mi, Michigan, Wolverine State, Gopher State, Minnesota, Mn, North Star State, Magnolia State, Mississippi, Ms, Missouri, Mo, Show Me State, Montana, Mt, Treasure State, Cornhusker State, Ne, Nebraska, Battle Born State, Nevada, Nv, Sagebrush State, Silver State, Granite State, New Hampshire, Nh, Garden State, Jersey, New Jersey, Nj, Land Of Enchantment, New Mexico, Nm, Empire State, New York, New York State, Ny, Nc, North Carolina, Old North State, Tar Heel State, Nd, North Dakota, Peace Garden State, Buckeye State, Oh, Ohio, Ok, Oklahoma, Sooner State, Beaver State, Or, Oregon, Keystone State, Pa, Pennsylvania, Little Rhody, Ocean State, Rhode Island, Ri, Palmetto State, Sc, South Carolina, Coyote State, Mount Rushmore State, Sd, South Dakota, Tennessee, Tn, Volunteer State, Lone-star State, Texas, Tx, Beehive State, Mormon State, Ut, Utah, Green Mountain State, Vermont, Vt, Old Dominion, Old Dominion State, Va, Virginia, Evergreen State, Wa, Washington, Mountain State, West Virginia, Wv, Badger State, Wi, Wisconsin, Equality State, Wy, Wyoming, Connecticut, Connecticut River, Great Lakes, Mississippi, Mississippi River, Missouri, Missouri River, New River, Niagara, Niagara River, Niobrara, Niobrara River, Ohio, Ohio River, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Saint Lawrence, Saint Lawrence River, St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence River, Twin, Twin Falls, Yosemite, Yosemite Falls, Yukon, Yukon River
Generic synonyms: North American Country, North American Nation
Specialized synonyms: North, Union
Group relationships: North America
Member holonyms: American
Derivative terms: American

2. Noun. North America and South America and Central America.
Terms within: Central America, North America, South America
Generic synonyms: Dry Land, Earth, Ground, Land, Solid Ground, Terra Firma
Derivative terms: American

Definition of America

1. Proper noun. The landmass now divided into the continents of North and South America. ¹

2. Proper noun. The United States of America. ¹

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Literary usage of America

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anglo-American Isthmian Diplomacy, 1815-1915 by Mary Wilhelmine Williams (1916)
"CHAPTER I. THE BRITISH IN CENTRAL america BEFORE. For more than a century before the government of the United States came into existence, the subjects of ..."

2. Field Book of Birds of the Southwestern United States by Roger Tory Peterson, Gilbert Haven Trafton, Luther E. Wyman, Elizabeth F. Burnell (1916)
"BIRD FRIENDS CHAPTER I BIRD TRAVELERS Discovery of america. The subject of bird migration is of special interest to americans, because it is probable that ..."

3. The Constitutional History of the United States, 1765-1895 by Francis Newton Thorpe (1898)
"A CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY OF THE americaN PEOPLE CHAPTER I THE STATE IN the evolution of democracy in america two large processes were to be worked out—the ..."

4. Problems in Pan Americanism by Samuel Guy Inman (1921)
"PROBLEMS IN PAN americaNISM Chapter I ASSETS OF LATIN america The opening of the Panama Canal changed the map of the world. ..."

5. The Golden State: A History of the Region West of the Rocky Mountains by Rolander Guy McClellan (1872)
"THE GOLDEN STATE CHAPTER I. Discovery of america-Earliest Colonization-Columbus' Voyages -Spanish in South and Central america-Cortes m Mexico -JOo and ..."

6. A History of the United States in Chronological Order from A.D. 432 to the by Robert James Belford, Frederick Thomas Jones (1886)
"The native races of northern Asia and the Indians of america—both North and South—are classed as belonging to ;he same Mongoloid variety ..."

7. A History of American Christianity by Leonard Woolsey Bacon (1897)
"The heroic discovery of america, at the close of the fifteenth century after Christ, has compelled the generous and just admiration of the world; ..."

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