Definition of Alaska crab

1. Noun. Meat of large cold-water crab; mainly leg meat.

2. Noun. Large edible crab of northern Pacific waters especially along the coasts of Alaska and Japan.

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Literary usage of Alaska crab

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Minnesota Horticulturist by Minnesota State Horticultural Society (1874)
"The motion was lost; 4 for and 4 against. It was moved to recommend for trial by amateurs and nurserymen. The motion was carried unanimously. alaska crab. ..."

2. Report by United States Board on Geographic Names, United States Geographic Board (1916)
"Southeastern Alaska. Crab; Creek rising in Lincoln County, Wash., flowing westward near town of Ephrata, Grant County, and emptying into Alkali Lake, ..."

3. Proceedings by American Pomological Society (1913)
"... Alaska Coast is about the limit for apple growing, with the present cultivated varieties. We have used the wild alaska crab as a stock for root grafts, ..."

4. Annual Report of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society for the Year by Minnesota State Horticultural Society (1890)
"KENYON'S alaska crab. Form round, slightly ridged; size large; skin yellow, striped and blotched with bright red; stem short, set in shallow cavity; ..."

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