Definition of Adrenal cortex

1. Noun. The cortex of the adrenal gland; secretes corticosterone and sex hormones.

Definition of Adrenal cortex

1. Noun. (anatomy) The outer portion of the adrenal glands that produces hormones essential to homeostasis ¹

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Medical Definition of Adrenal cortex

1. This is the outer portion of the fattyacids and inhibit inflammation in allergic responses. Mineralocortoids regulate the levels of minerals such as sodium and potassium in the blood. (06 May 1997)

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Literary usage of Adrenal cortex

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practical Organotherapy: The Internal Secretions in General Practice by Henry Robert Harrower (1920)
"The adrenal cortex, or interrenal gland, exerts an essentially antitoxic function and also has been shown to be concerned in the control of the development ..."

2. The Glands Regulating Personality: A Study of the Glands of Internal by Louis Berman (1921)
"Then the influence of the post- pituitary is anti-adrenal cortex. ... As noted, animals with the largest amounts of adrenal cortex are the pugnacious, ..."

3. Physiology and Biochemistry in Modern Medicine by John James Rickard Macleod (1922)
"Very little is known concerning the function of the adrenal cortex although ... (2) In cases of sexual precocity it is found that the adrenal cortex is much ..."

4. The American Anatomical Memoirs by Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (1920)
"The adrenal cortex and medulla If the abdomen of a normal tadpole in the later larval stages be opened and the ventral surface of the mesonephros be ..."

5. Internal Secretion and the Ductless Glands by Swale Vincent (1912)
"There is a striking resemblance bctween the cells of the adrenal cortex and those of the corpus luteum. This is specially emphasized by Mulon (523), who, ..."

6. Health Consequences of Smoking: Nicotine Addiction a Report of the Surgeon by C. Everett Koop, M.D., DIANE Publishing Company (1988)
"adrenal cortex Several studies in animals and human subjects have reported that nicotine and cigarette smoking lead to elevated levels of corticoste- roids. ..."

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