Definition of Typhaceae

1. Noun. Perennial marsh plants with creeping rootstocks and long linear leaves.

Exact synonyms: Cattail Family, Family Typhaceae
Generic synonyms: Liliopsid Family, Monocot Family
Group relationships: Order Pandanales, Pandanales
Member holonyms: Genus Typha, Typha

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Literary usage of Typhaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Addison Brown (1913)
"Typhaceae. i : 68. ÎÎ Endosperm none, or very little ; perianth corolla-like, or herbaceous, or none. Perianth wanting, or rudimentary. Order 2. ..."

2. Flora of Vermont: A List of the Fern and Seed Plants Growing Without Cultivation by Ezra Brainerd, Vermont Botanical Club, Lewis Ralph Jones, Willard Webster Eggleston (1900)
"TSUGA. HEMLOCK T. Canadensis, Carr. Rocky woods and swamps; common. ANGIOSPERMS. MONOCOTYLEDONS Typhaceae. CAT-TAIL FAMILY SPARGANIUM. ..."

3. FLora of the Town of Southington, Conn., and Its Vicinity: A List of the by Charles Humphrey Bissell (1902)
"... Monocotyledons Typhaceae. CAT-TAIL FAMILY TYPHA, Tourn. Cat-tail Flag T. latifolia, L. Common Cat-tail Common. Ponds and marshes; throughout. June-July. ..."

4. The American Botanist edited by Willard Nelson Clute (1903)
"the Typhaceae, but they are now pretty generally regarded as distinct enough to ... In the Typhaceae there is but a single genus, Typha, and about a dozen ..."

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