Definition of Rheims

1. Noun. A city in northeastern France to the east of Paris; scene of the coronation of most French kings; site of the unconditional German surrender in 1945 at the end of World War II.

Exact synonyms: Reims
Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: France, French Republic

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Literary usage of Rheims

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How France Built Her Cathedrals: A Study in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries by Elizabeth Boyle O'Reilly (1921)
"While the cathedral of Rheims was building, another of its archbishops was a ... Thus Orbais is the intermediary between the big abbey church of Rheims and ..."

2. The New York Times Current History (1917)
"Although the Pope is greatly shocked and deeply grieved at the destruction of the Rheims Cathedral, which he is convinced was entirely unnecessary, ..."

3. Northern France from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire, Excluding by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1899)
"Beyond Soissons the line to Rheims diverges to the right from the Laon railway, ... The railway to Rheims trends to the left and crosses the Marne and the ..."

4. Transactions of the Philological Society by Philological Society (Great Britain). (1901)
"It is conjectured that the copyist was D. Jacques Claude Vincent, a priest who professed 30 November, 1746, and died at Saint-Remi of Rheims on 22 September ..."

5. The Gentleman's Magazine (1855)
"THE town of Rheims, celebrated from the earliest times for its size and ... The power whose successive encroachments thus diminished at Rheims the ..."

6. Northern France, from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1905)
"RheimS) or Reims, one of the most historically interesting cities of France, with 108385 inhab., is situated on the right bank of the Vesle, ..."

7. The New York Times Current History of the European War (1915)
"Bombardment of Rheims Cathedral Protest Issued to Neutral Powers from French Foreign Office, Bordeaux, Sept. 21. Without being able to invoke even the ..."

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