Definition of Marianas

1. Noun. A chain of coral and volcanic islands in Micronesia (including Guam and the Northern Marianas) halfway between New Guinea and Japan; discovered by Magellan in 1521.

Definition of Marianas

1. Proper noun. An archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, a part of the geographical Micronesia. ¹

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Literary usage of Marianas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. International Catalogue of Scientific Literature by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1906)
"Brief notes concerning the volcanoes and seismic phenomena of the Marianas island«. ... Marianas ..."

2. North Pacific Pilot by William Henry Rosser, James Frederick Imray (1870)
"The only reliable description and chart of the Marianas to this time had been the result of ... when they received that of the Marianas in honour of queen ..."

3. Across the Reef: The Amphibious Tracked Vehicle at War by Victor J. Croizat (2001)
"New Battalions, New Tactics The Marshalls, Marianas, Palaus and Philippines, 1944 LANDINGS attempted against opposition before World War II most often ..."

4. Miscellanies by Charles Kingsley (1860)
"But how cold and gaudy, in spite of indi, vidual beauties, is that poem by the side of either of the Marianas, and especially of that one in which the ..."

5. A General Biographical Dictionaryby John Gorton by John Gorton (1835)
"... of Barlow, London, 1666 ; end of Hudson, under the rame of ' ' Marianas," .... Marianas ..."

6. High Road to Tokyo Bay: The Aaf in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater by Daniel Haulman (1993)
"The Marianas offensive attracted the Japanese Navy, rebuilt after Midway, which now attempted to destroy the US invasion fleet. ..."

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